PLUR: 6 Reasons Why I’ll Forever Stand Behind EDM

In the wake of Avicii’s retirement, there have been troubling statements made about the future of EDM. “So much for that.” “It’s over now.” “It’ll just fizzle out.” And others. But true fans know that the music, and the legend himself, will live on. Despite the negative buzz, this genre isn’t going anywhere. (Sorry not sorry!) So in support of the music, here’s 6 reasons why I’ll forever stand behind EDM.
Abigail Lynn
Abigail Lynn

1. Because the feels will NEVER DIE.

I love EDM because the music connects with the deepest parts of our souls. There’s something about the blending of sounds, the melodies that build and build, the celebration of a chorus, and the deep, heart-pounding thud of a bass beat that is reminiscent of our human experience. We have ups and downs, rushes and slows, fades and excitements—the music embodies this—love, heartbreak, brokenness, happiness, and a whole mess of other emotions. It connects with us and what we’re going through. It makes us feel alive. And those feelings won’t ever fade.

2. Because this isn’t ‘just a phase’.

Every type of music goes through its ups and downs—the months, years that it’s popular, and the crash where it fades slightly out of focus—that experience is universal. But I, and many others, truly love the music and how it has impacted our lives. EDM isn’t just a phase. It has defined us.

3. Because this music is literally the soundtrack to my life.

Need motivation? Hardwell party playlist. Need something to run to? Carnage’s latest releases on repeat. Feeling down? Deep house remixes. Something to roll the windows down and blast on the highway? Avicii. All day.

This music fits my every mood. Calms me, energizes me, gives me shivers. The songs remind me that things will get better, that what I’m feeling is real and it’s okay to feel it, and that life isn’t perfect, but it’s still beautiful.

4. Because of the unforgettable memories this music carries with it.

If I go back through my favorite memories, many of them surround concerts, shows, and festivals. I remember, vividly, holding hands with a boyfriend at the top of a Ferris Wheel, listening to the start of Calvin Harris’ set. I remember being on a friend’s shoulders during Yellow Claw, turning around to see thousands of raised arms and screaming, happy faces. I remember squad photos in front of Kinetic Field and kisses shared by the main stage at Spring Awakening. I remember love, laughter, and dancing. And those memories will always be close to my heart.

5. Because of the unbreakable bonds I now have with both friends and strangers.

This music relates people. It brings us together in celebration and in dancing circles. It connects us through sharing of Kandi bracelets and water and photos and hugs. No other type of music does that—shows people how beautiful life is, and how we should truly love one another.

6. Because this music has, and will still continue to change how people see the world.

EDM will always been remembered. It is the genre that startled everyone, that is strange and new and interesting. It is the shows with lights and paint, the festivals with rides and giant, bright daisies. It is multiple stages and fireworks and sounds that can be heard for miles. It is PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. It is music that brings people together from all ages, walks of life, and corners of the world. It is love. And it is brilliant. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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