I Am A Woman

Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson

I am a woman
so I must flit
the line between
delicate and
like a flower turned
to the sun but plucked
from the earth I am
supposed to be beautiful
but dependent
strong but needy.
I am supposed to be the stem
severed from its roots
to be placed
in a vase that brightens
your room and yes I am
beautiful but I am more
than just a decoration
dancing its petals
in the wind. I am bones
and flesh and hair and eyes
that shine. I stand on
my own two feet in the ground
where I was found. Where I
was planted. I am
not meant to be pulled
poked prodded placed
where you see fit.
Women are told
to be courageous but careful
knowing but needy, aware
but always awaiting
someone’s love, someone’s hand
pulling us from the earth but
I don’t want to be the kind of
woman who waits
Who relies
who wills her wishes away
to be a pretty bud in a windowsill.
I am a woman
but I will not flit between
delicate and empowered.
I will not grace the vase
on your bedside table.
You will find me roots and stem
shining towards my own sun
strong. TC mark


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