7 Things You Actually Need To Survive A Spring Break Trip

1. A positive attitude.

No one likes a party pooper. This might seem like a no-brainer, but no matter what you’re doing for spring break, you’re going to have to deal with drunk people, long hours in a car, that one friend you don’t really like, or that stingy dude who never goes in on the alcohol. But no matter the annoyances, you’re on vacation remember? So keep on smiling through the crap and you’re guaranteed to have a hell of a time.

2. Actual SPF sunscreen.

Duh. Duh. Duh. But for some reason we gravitate to the spray oils and the tan lotions…yeah, news flash, these won’t actually save you from a lobster-looking sunburn. So regardless of how tan and sexy you want to look, be safe! (You’ll still get bronzed…AKA a lot less tomato-colored, which is way hotter.)

3. Some means of relaxing.

Whether you’re doing a beach getaway or exploring the mountains, a mission trip or a booze cruise, you need to relax. (Again…duh.) Whether that’s your favorite playlist, a sun hat so you can lay out, or a fancy glass with an umbrella and a little cherry, find whatever lets you chill out and indulge. Vacation is about getting away from the craziness of everyday life—so find your happy place.

4. Cute, situation-appropriate shoes.

If you’re going to hike, you probably want some reliable gym shoes. Walking the beach? Sturdy flip flops. And PSA: Those two previously listed items are not going to cut it in the club. Don’t forget to pack the heels, the cute sandals, the practical walking shoes, etc. It might add a little weight to your travel bag, but it’s so worth it to be prepared.

5. The ability to let sh*t go.

Sh*t happens. You might fly all the way to your tropical destination and realize you need to pay for a rental car, or that you forgot to pack a swimsuit, or that your alcohol isn’t actually included in the all-inclusive…(in that case, first refer to #1). Whatever your dilemma is, remember this: sh*t happens. Always. No matter how much you pre-plan or prepare. And that’s okay. Just brush it off and do what you can to fix the situation. (Spoiler alert: You’ll still have a good time.)

6. Extra money.

Yep, this one goes hand-in-hand with #5. It’s always good to have some extra funds. Who knows, maybe you’ll opt for the $60 open bar or that adorable purse at the outlet mall?! Or maybe you’ll need to bail a friend out of jail…regardless, always give yourself a little wiggle room. It’s better to be safe, and to have the funds to really splurge on something you want.

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7. Openness to new things.

New is good. New adventures, new friends. If you’re going on a SB2K16 trip, you need to be open to trying fish, parasailing, touching a weird stingray, snorkeling, and drinking something other than vodka Redbulls…or something along those lines. The most important thing: your trip is about having fun, and sometimes that means out-of-your-comfort-zone fun. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people in your group that you aren’t super close with, or flirt with that guy at the club, or face your fear of ocean water. You won’t regret it, and it’ll make this year’s trip unforgettable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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