17 Signs You’re Going Through A Major Quarter-Life Crisis


1.You have suddenly started to question everything. From your college major to your friend group to where you should live post-graduation and even as far as whether or not you’ve recently picked up a gluten allergy??!? Could that be a thing??

2. You are caught between wanting to settle down and get your life together, and piercing your nose and riding off into the sunset on a motorcycle. And the latter sounds pretty tempting.

3. You find yourself overthinking the dumbest things. Like, OMG did that guy smile at me? Do I even know him? Should I know him? Wait…is that the guy from the grocery store? OMG is he a total creep? Should I be worried? Should I say hi? Yeah, it’s that bad.

4. You are SUPER nostalgic for your childhood. AKA begging your parents to take the family dog home with you, or wearing your hair in weird pigtail braids, or borrowing your little sister’s clothes, or leafing through the baby pictures and sniffling.

5. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has become a very real thing. And as a result, you’re either dying of sleep because you just #cantstopwontstop or you’re having major anxiety as you scroll through the Snapchat’s from last night’s party. I missed THAT?? I’m never going to bed early again!!!!

6. You are calling your mom probably more than you should. “Hey, mom, what do think about a dress on the first date?” “Should I text him back?” “Hey, Ma, just wanted to see if you could talk later today.” “Mom! Hi! Question: How do I tell if my potatoes are cooked enough?” Yeah, you need to get it together.

7. You’ve splurged on random, expensive things. Like a week vacation in Florida, or a $70 dress, or a new fancy music-playing-gadget-thing. Because YOLO, right?

8. Throwback playlists have been your go-to recently. HASHTAG MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCES FO LYFE.

9. You’re caught in a binge-workout, binge-eat cycle. You’ll go hard at the gym. But then you’ll get home…Wait stop, are those THIN MINTS?? GIMME!

10. You’ve found yourself having heart-to-hearts with older people quite often. Which really means you’re bugging these poor people for info on their career choices and post-college boyfriends because, well, this is necessary for your survival.

11. Random motherly items have found their way into your purse. For example: tissues, cough drops, sunscreen, Neosporin, and snacks (well, duh snacks.) And this all leads to the terrifying thought, OMG am I becoming my mother?!?!?

12. You find yourself on Pinterest wayyyy too often. And you’re either scoping out recipes you’ll never make, or expensive vacations you can’t afford. Productive.

13. You have this strange, super strong desire to just purge of everything in your room. Like the stuffed animals collecting dust on the shelf, or those old papers that you haven’t looked at in years. Or all your clothes.

14. You’re totally caught between mom of the group and reckless partier. And you’re not really sure which one you want to be…so you sort of flip back and forth. Like freaking over your drunk friends, then taking shots of tequila and disappearing in thin air.

15. You flit between looking like a movie star…and looking like a complete bum. Because some days you care about your outfits, and some days you really don’t care.

16. You’ve recently decided to live off the grid. Yep, you’ve put your phone aside, shut off social media, and just been living the free life (at least until reality hit you).

17. You’ve started avidly reading ‘self-help’ and ‘find your purpose’ and ‘defining you’ books and blogs. Because YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING. AND YOU’RE TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. But, like, you’re in your twenties, right? Things will get better. Right? Right?! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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