It's Okay To Love Fiercely (And Expect Fierce Love In Return)

It’s Okay To Love Fiercely (And Expect Fierce Love In Return)

It’s okay to love fiercely and expect that in return.

To love with passion. The kind that pulls back the window blinds and lets in the sun. The radio dial turned to max, hands up, and the windows down.

When you fall, it’s okay to fall deeply. To see yourself, your life intertwined in the pages, the roads, the curves of your significant other.

It’s okay to believe words. The words that you’ve heard before, that twisted themselves in your mind, that kept you up at night, spinning, spinning. It’s okay to trust those words, again and again.

And it’s okay to say those three words. And mean them. The ‘I love yous’ on the tip of your tongue, the lines you’ve kept hidden. It’s okay to say them. To speak them. To shout them. To unravel what’s in your head, fearlessly. To let someone in, fully in.

You are not crazy. You are not foolish if you love with abandon. If you throw yourself headfirst into his eyes, run your fingertips across his collarbone before he draws you into a kiss, memorize the freckles on his back.

You are not wrong for the craziness you feel. The excitement at a simple touch, a smile, a small gesture. It’s okay to hold onto a hug for just a moment too long, to stay in bed an extra minute, just to feel his touch on your skin.

It’s okay to love fiercely. To demand things. To demand communication. To demand that you spend time together. To demand the best for himself, yourself, your relationship.

It’s okay to love someone intensely, even too intensely. To look at them and see your world, to see your lives years down the road, to imagine a future, paved and imperfect and beautiful.

Your love is big. It fills the cracks, the faults, the flaws. It seals over the fights, fixes every broken piece. Your love covers the surface then seeps into the pores. You have a love that’s embedded in your soul. You love fiercely, with everything you have.

And you expect this in return.

You crave his touch, his voice, his love in all its forms. Your love is too big to settle for anything that is not full love, real love. And so you expect his love to match yours, for your lives to be interconnected, one.

This is okay. It’s okay to love fiercely, to expect fierce love. You need this type of love. You are not wrong. You deserve this love, a love that matches yours, that ignites fires, that lights the sky, that grows and builds and sings like the radio with the dial turned loud.

No, don’t apologize. You are not too much. You will never be too much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.