25 Things Only People Who Went To A College With Under 1,000 Students Will Understand

Twenty20, coolburns
Twenty20, coolburns

1. Going to the grocery store in your bummy sweatpants and seeing at least three of your teachers.

2. Taco Tuesdays. Breakfast for Dinner Thursdays. And every other scheduled meal in your campus cafeteria.

3. Student mailbox numbers.

4. The sign above the library printer: “Printer is broken. Please go to the Campus Center.”

5. Recognizing faces of (or knowing intimate details about) everyone on campus.

6. Campus-wide gossip via Snapchat when someone new transfers in or visits for the weekend.

7. Impromptu IT messages: “Wifi will be down from 9-10pm tonight.”

8. Personalized emails. With your actual name instead of an automated ‘Dear Student’ address.

9. The typical prospective student questions: “You guys don’t have Greek life?!” “Wait…how many students go here???”

10. Never having to schedule an appointment to talk to someone in Financial Aid.

11. People in Financial Aid actually knowing who you are.

12. Personalized comments on every one of your tests and papers.

13. End-of-semester dinners at your Professor’s house.

14. College-hosted lawn movies for the whole campus (and town).

15. Random free events because all the mom and pop shops love college kids.

16. Hating a teacher…and having him/her for three more classes before you graduate.

17. The library closing before midnight.

18. Your professor knowing when you ditch class. Every single time.

19. Being a dry campus.

20. Getting campus-wide emails about the college being a dry campus from the librarian. (Yep, this actually happened.)

21. Never being worried about walking alone at night.

22. When the Registrar (there’s only one) knows you by name.

23. Saturday brunch in the cafeteria is its own social event.

24. Walking into your professor’s office to have a casual chat about grades. At literally any time.

25. And the classic Friday night question: “Are you guys going to the ____ House tonight?” “Yeah, everyone’s going.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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