23 Hilarious (And Sometimes Disturbing) Things Every Middle School Teacher Inevitably Witnesses

Twenty20, aperture_ag571
Twenty20, aperture_ag571

1. The secret love notes on the teacher’s desk, “Miss ___ is bae.”

2. The girl wearing a fancy pleated skirt, ruffled top… and Nike gym shoes.

3. The awkward, in-plain-sight-but-trying-to-be-stealth kisses exchanged between the locker banks.

4. The boy running through the halls screaming at his friend, “Luke, I am your father!”

5. The explanation of one of the novel characters as “ratchet.”

6. The boy who writes on his Halloween-themed assignment that, “Miss ___ should dress up as Peach from the Mario Bros. Because she seems lonely and maybe she could get a husband.” And plenty more unsolicited tips on dating, relationships, love, and marriage.

7. The student that wears a tissue box for a hat.

8. The ingesting of strange substances. Such as crayons, chalk, boogers, Elmer’s glue, or others.

9. Leggings. Lots of leggings.

10. The bathroom kissy-face mirror selfies.

11. The girl who sticks tape from nose to forehead and spends the class period making pig noises.

12. The casual conversation between a boy and a girl about sharing super-tight skinny jeans.

13. The making of unedited, fully narrated videos and uploading them on YouTube.

14. Students taking videos of themselves watching videos without even realizing how meta their weirdness is.

15. Pants tucked into socks tucked into shoes.

16. Crocs.

17. Everyone jumping on everyone else’s backs like rabid zoo animals.

18. The boys wearing booty shorts during gym class because they think they’re hilarious.

19. Jokes about boners written in notebooks. (Because apparently that is the funniest thing in the world to a middle school boy.)

20. Students in oversized, fake glasses because fake glasses are cool…or something.

21. Computer backgrounds set as pouty-lipped selfies.

22. A girl vs. girl catty fight via email.

23. Those weird jelly sandals. With socks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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