19 Things Only Girls Who Can’t Help Falling In Love Over And Over Again Can Relate To

Carmen Jost
Carmen Jost

1. The cousin that always asks, “So, who are you in love with this year?”

2. The collection of scrapbooks tucked beneath your bed or at the bottom of the closet representing so many brief but passionate relationships past. And the robust sticker collection (“hugs and kiss,” “be mine,” etc.) just in case you need to make another.

3. It takes at least three months to mourn a break-up. With some minor exceptions. Like if you find true love before the three-month mark, of course.

4. Soul connections are a real thing. You’ll deny it, but you ultimately really do believe this.

5. You have a Pinterest board dedicated to your existing Boyfriend/Future Hubby. And a Miss Independent board for the periods in between dating future husbands.

6. “Wow, you’re in another serious relationship?”

7. You have three canned answers ready at all times in case anyone asks you about your relationship status: a.) It’s complicated, b.) I’m not sure where things will go, and c.) He’s definitely The One.

8. You regularly have to deny that you ever claimed your last boyfriend was “definitely The One.”

9. Alone time sounds like a good idea, except compared to cuddling.

10. Your excuse for jumping into a new relationship: “Honestly, I’m not sure how it all happened. But he’s a really good guy. This one’s different.”

11. You aren’t so sure about the whole marriage thing. But you have big plans for it. And a Pinterest board dedicated to your hypothetical wedding.

12. Inner thoughts while staring at your latest boyfriend: Can I see myself married to this guy? Because if not than this is pointless, right?

13. You love solitude—going for a run, pigging out on tacos, watching TV by yourself—but you really only pursue those solo activities when you’re single, or your significant other is out of town.

14. You have two sets of travel plans: One trip in case you’re dating someone, and another in case you end up having to fly solo.

15. You also have two separate sets of plans for the future: the ‘If We Break Up’ list, and the ‘My Life With Him’ list.

16. “Yeah, things are moving pretty fast,” and “When you know you just know,” seem to creep their way into a lot of conversations you have.

17. Your best friend from childhood always leads with: “Okay, so give me the scoop. Who’s the new guy?”

18. There are three love-related playlists on your phone at all times: ‘Lovey Dovey,’ ‘Sad Breakup Songs,’ and ‘Single and Lovin’ It.’

19. Every time you see a post about being young and in love, you nod your head in agreement and click through so you can imagine yourself hugging your latest boyfriend at sunset like the happy couple in the accompanying photograph (even though you’ve done this with at least a dozen guys in mind before). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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