When You’re At A Crossroads…Go In This Direction

credit: Marisa DeMarco
credit: Marisa DeMarco

Many times we’re presented with a multitude of opportunities, choices, and experiences in which we’re called upon to make decisions that certainly cause various types of impact within our lives. From the minutia of daily living through the life changing risks that we take, we can only take responsibility for ourselves in the end—for better or for worse. Studies, career, relationships, marriage, family, health, relocation, and truly life and death itself are the biggest areas of interest that require the most attention and a sense of understanding. But with second guessing ourselves, self-doubt, insecurity, and the opinions of others, it could be very difficult at times to see ourselves, others, and situations clearly.

While laying on a chaise lounge at the beach yesterday, I was intertwined in a strong embrace while looking up at the clouds that were gently shifting. While in conversation, it was revealed that both of us are at crossroads in our lives, both professionally and personally. But with openness and sincerity, we both served as each other’s sounding boards—listening intently while giving each other steady feedback to the best of our abilities. “You know, all responses are found somewhere between the clouds,” I responded. “Marisa, then perhaps I want to be in that area of blue…” I understood this sentiment immediately. Life itself can be incredibly complicated, why should we make more obstacles and trouble for ourselves within our own minds when in fact, we can all take control and learn to live in the “blue”—the cloudless part of the sky? This is not to say to neglect responsibility and not make a concerted effort to evaluate what needs to be reflected upon. But it’s simply giving ourselves permission to take a step back from obstacles and obstructions that we may perceive to be there that in fact aren’t. It’s allowing ourselves to ease up on heightened expectations and the need to control events in our favor only to let them come to pass in their natural time and way. We may feel that our prayers aren’t being answered, our efforts are going unnoticed, and that we’re out right stuck without moving in forward motion. But the truth is, we’re always being gently guided forward with the passing of each moment. We may actually not know what’s best for us and therefore can find comfort in allowing life to show us what path to take.

When at a crossroads, the only direction to go is forward. It may mean to veer left, continue straight, make a sharp right, and at times deal with stop and go motion. But whatever choice that needs to be made will always be the right one for us at the time—because in our life’s path, it’s the one that needs to serve us for a higher purpose. We may not understand the why, how, and when of a situation, but we can only deal with the reality of the “what”.

When in doubt or with full confidence, every so often look up at the sky and enjoy the beauty of the clouds…for they will reveal all that we need to know in the here and now. They will show us the direction we must follow through their natural shifting. In turn, we can certainly do the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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