7 Simple Ways To Be At Peace With Making Decisions

Photo provided by Marisa DeMarco
Photo provided by Marisa DeMarco

1. Every decision is actually the right one.

No matter how we decide to proceed forward on our respective life paths, the choices we make along the way are the ones that serve for our personal growth — for better or for worse. Each decision we make is guided by the process and outcome. It may not make sense initially, but sooner or later it will be revealed over time. Instead of trying to rationalize every detail, just live it and let it unfold naturally.

2. When things are meant to be, there is a natural flow involved.

Life is a series of opened and closed doors. Based upon experiential measures, one can see times when “the stars align” as confirmation that a positive choice has been made and perhaps one is living their divine plan. There are other times that with great resistance one either drags their feet or tries to force someone or something that just won’t budge. This often symbolizes that this probably isn’t the route to take in order to get to one’s desired location. By finding a balance between being pro-active but also open to all possibilities without the need to control, equilibrium is found.

3. If something goes awry, it’s not a sign of failure but rather an excellent teacher.

Mistakes, missteps, and defeat aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead they exist as markers along one’s life path that serves as opportunities for growth, reflection, and improvement. It’s when one (figuratively) falls down hard do they have the option of either remaining on the ground in self-despair or regaining their footing to stand up and continue forward. There are times where it may seem unbearable to face reality, but there are other times when reality is greatly appreciated. It’s not possible to recognize success without having experienced disappointments and set-backs.

4. There is value in listening to the advice of others — but only to an extent.

Wisdom, feedback, and guidance from trusted friends, family members, colleagues, and significant others can certainly shed light on a difficult situation. When we confide in those that have us in their best interest, perhaps they can see something that we can’t or maybe they’re able to show us what we can’t see. But ultimately, their experiences are crafted based upon their relationship with self and in the world in which they live. This simply means that it’s important to gain perspectives that may be helpful, but without doubt, it’s one’s choice to take and receive the information as it comes.

5. Intuition is one of the most beautiful gifts of the soul.

By listening to one’s inner voice in silence, through meditation, or through journaling, so much can be revealed beyond the surface of the body and mind. In the moments when something feels right or there’s a guiding energy inside that either reveals a positive sensation or one that doesn’t sit right…trust it, don’t doubt it. Each and everyone of us has the capacity to tap into our intrinsic intelligence — it’s just a matter of self-trust, mindfulness, and the willingness to embrace it.

6. When at a crossroads, the rightful path will be revealed through an internal or external force.

There are times that one can make an active decision to proceed in whatever direction he/she chooses and there are other instances when life itself makes the decisions for us. Although one can never be quite prepared to deal with what’s to come and what will be in the future, one can make peace within the present and know that they can handle whatever shows up. Hence, the path that’s selected will be the one that is necessary.

7. Stand still, breathe, and know it’s going to be okay.

The beauty of waking up is that it’s a new opportunity to re-set one’s relationship with self, others, and life itself. If we approach each sunrise with gratitude no matter how brutal or beautiful our current reality is, when the sun sets we can find a sense of relief that we made it through another day — in the best way that we possibly could. When in doubt, be still. The needed solutions, answers, and responses will come. This is what it means to have faith — faith in oneself or something greater and bigger within the workings of the universe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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