5 Signs To Tell If You’re In A Healthy Relationship With Yourself


Interpersonal relationships are a substantial and important part of life. Unless one goes to extreme measures of shielding his/herself by living in solitude as a recluse, it’s likely that words, gestures, and physical contact with others are inevitable. Of course there are various degrees of interconnection that occur whether it be passing people by on a frenetic street corner, sitting on the train surrounded by others doing the same, collegial and friendship circles, and the intimacy between family and couples. But the one relationship that begins from birth and lasts throughout a lifetime is that with one’s self.

1. You are your own best friend.

When you are content and at peace with yourself, you feel secure to make decisions, give and receive love, advice, and comfort both internally and externally. You are never truly bored, but rather easily amused. You believe in yourself and know that whatever comes your way, you will handle it and navigate it in the best way possible based upon your capacity and understanding.

2. Being alone is appreciated as time for rest and reflection is needed.

Understanding the value of sleeping well and taking a moment to pause when a break is warranted allows you to recharge and renew. In silence, considering thoughts on various areas of life no matter how big or small through introspection ensures personal well being.

3. Accepting yourself as you are without judgment and self-criticism.

What has happened in the past has brought you to where you are today. Life’s fabric is filled with holes. There are also other parts that are in pristine condition as if new. By taking this same approach internally, it’s understood that you too are beautifully crafted and created, yet when areas need to be cleansed, patched up and mended, you honor it instead of further seeking to destroy it.

4. Knowing your self worth as an individual is invaluable.

Whether creating a positive self-image from the ground up or continuously maintain it through daily self love and respect, it’s the most important aspects of life’ work. Once you know who and what you are for all of your strengths and weaknesses, areas of intelligence, abilities, talents, and passions, along with how much or little you are willing to give and receive love you are self-aware. With invested interest in evolving and growing with the passage of time and life experiences, you know how truly special you are. No one or nothing including yourself, can ever truly devalue you…as you will not permit it.

5. Home is everywhere that you are.

No matter where life brings you based upon geography, relationships, studies, career, friends, and family, you have an overall peaceful sense of belonging You easily adapt in the presence of others in both new and familiar places. Whether you are physically in the shelter of your actual home or outside of it, it’s the internal home that nourishes you as there is no place like it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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