10 Signs That You’re Ready To Have A Solid Relationship

credit: Marisa DeMarco
credit: Marisa DeMarco

Love is unique to the beholder in all aspects of expression, feeling, and beliefs. As humans, there’s a natural desire and furthermore, need to be loved and give love on some level or another. Falling in love and forming a romantic relationship at whatever age and life stage could happen at any given time. Out of the blue or with some type of internal sense, when one’s heart and mind is ready, the universe will guide to make it happen.

1. Revealing yourself to another means that you’re ready to further discover who you are.

Anytime a romantic partnership unfolds, it serves as a great teacher. By being open, both you and your significant other learn about parts of your personality and identity that you didn’t even know existed.

2. Making the choice to embrace someone else who wants to be open with you.

By allowing your partner the space to feel non-judged and safe, he/she gets to discover his/herself and wants to share the journey alongside of you.

3. Realizing that you are whole and a relationship is something that enriches, not defines you.

Thinking that you’ll become complete by falling in love or being with someone to fill your voids, will only cause conditions, expectations, and a temporary fix. When approaching love and relationships as something that compliments your life, it will create a positive addition and help you grow naturally.

4. Finding the balance of heart and head will promote smart choices with deep feeling.

Follow emotions, feelings, passion, and romance. But temper it with genuine and sincere intentions for yourself and whomever else you’re making a partnership with through practically, too.

5. Listening to what your partner says, not what you want to hear or believe.

Many times feelings of love, lust, and passion can cloud the reality of the relationship. When someone’s words are not matching up to their actions or their words in fact are sincere, but not to your liking, it’s time to take them on face value and navigate accordingly.

6. Deciding that you are going to be your most authentic self in the presence of your loved one.

Humans are beautifully flawed and simply beautiful. By showing up as the most genuine version of yourself from the get-go, allows you to be free and honest without any smoke and mirrors.

7. Leaving former lovers, relationships, and heartbreak in the past.

Of course it takes time to heal, accept, and make peace with prior experiences (if one chooses to do so). But it doesn’t mean the new relationship and partner must pay for past mistakes and interfere with how the story is going to proceed. Each person and situation is unique and should be treated as such in order to give it a fair chance.

8. Communication, quality time, and gestures are the cornerstones of the union.

Words, actions, and contact allow for you and your object of affection to further deepen your bond and simply get to know each other. When both of you are willing to create balance and opportunities to be together, new revelations about each other will occur.

9. Respect for each other’s individuality, space, and well-being are paramount.

Before you and your partner have met each other, there has been a whole life previously lived. By honoring that both of you have unique qualities, circumstances, and needs, there is a general sense of acceptance and opportunities for mutual growth with less anxiety and more tranquility.

10. You can’t change anyone else but yourself.

And sincerely, why would you even want to? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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