20 Guilty Pleasures That Can Satisfy Any Desire

jenny downing
jenny downing

There are pleasures that you experience with your loved ones, those that are broadcasted to the world or at the very least on social media, and others that remain behind closed doors. The ones that are kept near the chest and allow for a dreaming mind to expand into action are only reserved for the beholder. In fact they may only be shared with a chosen few or never even be admitted out loud. Moderation is key yet every so often, it’s time to give in.

1.) Sweet, salty, sour, and/or spicy flavors that can satiate any type of hunger along with the hunt of finding exactly what makes the mouth water and enjoying every bite. It’s your choice whether to savor each and every morsel slowly or devour it down within seconds.

2.) Sleeping in as late as possible on a day off while disconnecting the phone, computer, and from the outside world—pretending that there is a service problem or dead battery in preparation for further questioning. It’s making the choice to answer to yourself and no one else.

3.) Being enveloped in the warmth and comfort of your bed and perhaps even entangled in an embrace with a partner while randomly deciding when it’s time to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—only to return back under the covers after each meal.

4.) Listening to throw back music that brings a memory of teenage years while singing loudly and dancing along without inhibition—perhaps even wearing the band’s tee shirt that has been stored in a box for the last ten years but has now been resurrected for this very moment.

5.) Spending the whole day on the couch watching a favorite TV series marathon or one movie after another while eating your comfort food is worth it and the calories can be walked off at a later date.

6.) Writing a love letter to someone that professes everything that you have ever wanted to say or feel about them—and deciding whether you want to share that letter with that special somebody or simply rip it up after the thoughts have turned into words. Nonetheless, it can be sweet, steamy, or a mix of both.

7.) Retail therapy. Sometimes a full day of Internet shopping or leafing through the racks only to discover some great new pieces or those that have been desired for a long time is one of the best ways to go on a mindless mission.

8.) The thrill of a good sale is based upon three steps: hunting, bargains, and acquisition. Coupons, discounts, and friends & family passes make the absolute lowest price of the purchase even that much more exciting rather than the actual item itself.

9.) The chase is one of the most exhilarating sensations that stirs up heightened emotion, placing bets, taking chances, while feeling the tension of a challenge that if all goes well will result in a positive outcome. Even if it doesn’t turn out after all of the persuasion, smooth talking, and problem solving, nothing compares to the initial rush.

10.) The capture is one of the most rewarding feelings after being met with resistance, obstacles, and tension as finally what desired is finally obtained and well won.

11.) Getting a massage, going to the gym, taking a long run, or reading a book in a coffee shop independent of anyone else’s company, conversation, and opinions…this time is completely precious and dedicated to personal solitude and release.

12.) Engaging in a hobby or interest that may be so obscure and outlandish to others but it’s what makes the heart tick and the mind intrigued on its quest for discovery and enjoyment.

13.) Listening to a favorite song on loop while commuting, going to a favorite happy hour spot to decompress, or taking a dark shower without the lights on after a long day has no comparison at that very moment after the chaos that was just experienced.

14.) Chatting it up with a stranger and sharing anywhere from minutes to hours of exchanging life stories, opinions of peace, love, war, politics, religion, and everything else in between only to part ways with a gentle smile. Nothing more and nothing less comes from the beauty of being expressive but anonymous at the same time.

15.) Reading a book starting with the last page first and first page last—it makes for a more interesting story.

16.) Make a drawing, take a photo, play an instrument, act out a scene from a favorite movie—only to awaken a creative aspect and imagination that so often is silenced through day by day thinking and processing.

17.) Making a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough or brownie batter only to devour it before it even goes in the oven. Enough said.

18.) Leaving work early on the first Friday of summer to get the evening started with happiness—why be deprived of one of the most beautiful and long sunsets of the year?

19.) “Breaking the rules” just a little bit—staying up late on a work/school night when it’s really best to go to bed, eating breakfast food for dinner, taking an extra day to respond to a message, and laughing endlessly at something that isn’t even remotely funny but being perfectly content with it all.

20.) Looking in the mirror and knowing you look good…real good even though you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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