13 Reasons To Welcome Spring


Spring has finally arrived, as did a partial solar eclipse this morning. I observed its magic from the balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from a distance. The light transformed into an antique golden yellow with a moody glow. It was the perfect kick-off to the start of the new season. Here’s to celebrating the vernal equinox of new beginnings and illumination.

1.The air is fresh, the sun is warmer and more present, but even when it rains, the grey backdrop of the sky only accentuates the budding pastel flowers and trees.

2. Blazers, wraps and scarves, leather jackets, and light weight sweaters replace heavy winter coats, hoods, and hats that conceal the body in ways that one appears to lose their true shape. The parallel: the frigidness of the Middle Ages to the rebirth of natural form and beauty of the Renaissance.

3. Even if you’re not feeling inner balance within your mind, body, or spirit, the first day of spring gives you a boost as it’s Mother Nature’s way of helping you realign.

4. Farmer’s Markets, street or town fairs, and outdoor dining are the simple pleasures of slowing down and socializing while out and about.

5. Organizing a picnic in Central Park, in the countryside, garden, at the sea, or even in your own
backyard makes a special gathering for you and your loved ones after a long winter of hibernation.

6. Taking advantage of the extra light as each day becomes increasingly longer as there is an overall sense of being more energized and motivated to maximize your time.

7. De-cluttering, cleaning, purging, and reorganization in the home, at school, or the office creates for a more inviting and productive space. The same can be said for cleansing the mind and body, too. Let go of the mental clutter and be open and available to feeling good.

8. Follow the seasonal trends whether it be fashion, art, film, sports, or cuisine. A new season signifies a new cycle; go with the flow while stimulating a passion or interest.

9. “La dolce far niente” which translates from Italian to English as “the beauty of doing nothing” highlights the sentiment of the season; it’s not too cold or hot as the air is fresh and light. A simple walk, sitting on a bench, or passing a coffee break in an open air café couldn’t be more rejuvenating.

10. Nature’s color palette inspires and instills the urge to re-paint your bedroom, change up your wardrobe from dark to light neutrals and colors, along with picking up a bouquet of fresh cut flowers on a Friday afternoon on the way home.

11.Eating less and walking/exercising more not only jumpstarts the body to feeling good on the inside, but it has positive effects on the outside that you and others will notice and appreciate.

12. A new round of holidays from Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day through the long awaited Memorial Day Weekend are in sight and mark upcoming events that you can look forward to; eating, good company, days off, and relax.

13. Spring break: day trip, long weekend, vacation, or staycation is the best gift of the season. Celebrate it as you desire. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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