How Transcending Your Mind’s Limits Leads You To Creating The Life You Always Wanted

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chris wolfgang

The fear of loss, love, and living life to its fullest stems from a multitude of experiences that we’ve endured from childhood through present day. They create indelible marks that get imprinted on our lives. Or as my father calls it “scars on the brain.” They may arrive through inherited family dynamics of nurture and biology, manifested through relationships, things that have happened directly to us or things that perhaps we’ve witnessed happen to others. We can choose to heal and find ways to make peace within ourselves and others that have caused us harm. However, this can be done if/when we’re willing to accept and release the resentment that consumes us; in our own time and within our own abilities.

We often accept the cards we’ve been dealt, the cross we must bear, and the lot in life that we’ve been given. When we become fixed in our ways of seeing, reacting, and thinking, we give ourselves permission to act and behave in certain manners that makes us feel “safe.”

However, a false sense of safety created by the mind prevents us from stepping outside of our comfort zones and we make the decision to hide at times, rather than to confront. If we choose to expand our minds by being more flexible, empathetic, and eager to obtain more knowledge from life’s diverse lessons, we actually develop a true sense of security deeply rooted within ourselves. That no matter what we must face, we have a reserve of strength that we can replenish as needed. If we live our lives more fluidly, we can actually shift with the tide and see what direction the wind pushes us next with excitement rather than dread.

Although each of our life’s circumstances and situations are uniquely different as we are as people, we have all been put on earth to serve a purpose. At times life may feel unjust, downright difficult, and unbearable. But those moments serve as points of gratitude that allow us to realize what it feels like to laugh, smile, and be filled with the warmth and joy of love.

The more we come to appreciate who it is that we are and the special talents and abilities we possess, the more we begin to realize that we’ve earned our right to create the lives we desire in the most natural sense of well-being. It’s finding the balance of listening to the voice of the heart paired with the practicality of the mind. When both are in unison, that’s when we can perceive our lives, goals, and desires along with our interpersonal relationships clearly.

The trick to creating a life worth living — one that’s rich in self-growth, self-worth, and self-fulfillment is learning to trust (our gut or intuition that is trying to steer us) along with following cues from the universe. Although it may seem that we’re inspired out of the blue, that’s when we find solutions to problems in the most unexpected ways. Hearing words of encouragement may make us believe in ourselves and what it is we have to offer — even if said by a complete stranger who sees something special about us. As be begin to follow the intentions placed deep inside our heart, it becomes clear that they have actually been part of our divine plan all along. It’s being open and willing to recognize these intentions and make gentle changes along with having faith. Faith is knowing that everything is playing out the way it should and has brought us here thus far. It’s also having faith within the necessary steps — big or small, we take that we’ll end up where we are destined to be and with whom we meet along the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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