Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life; Let Love

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Jacinta Moore

I’ve come to believe that the mind is the most powerful, yet dangerous weapon we as humans possess. I have discovered this through my own life experience, the experiences shared by others, and general observations of interpersonal interactions.

At any moment, the mind can be a ticking time bomb ready to explode on others or at times implode and blow up our inner worlds into pieces. Our minds also have the ability to hold us hostage and take us as its prisoner until we will follow its command — holding a gun to our head. When we decide to veer off its course or do something that “it” doesn’t like, it can drain us of our energy in waking hours and cause sleep deprivation. The mind is capable of crafting some of the most horrific films. It creates visuals and soundtracks of negative imagery and chatter that serves as a constant reminder of our faults and insecurities. The mind is such a good actor that it can terrorize us with fear and convince us of things that aren’t even true and far from reality.

So, how do we deactivate the bomb, prevent the trigger from being pulled, and find safety from the mind’s harm and abuse that we have learned to endure? The answer is simple, but the effort and work it takes for personal freedom is unique as each and everyone of us. Based upon our genetic make-up, nature, and nurture from birth, the degree of mental warfare is varied. But it doesn’t mean it’s a hopeless battle.

The answer is this: de-program the mind as a fear based weapon and re-program it as a conduit of love. How does one begin the greatest and most important victory in their life? Patience, acceptance and trust in the process. No matter where you begin, the path it takes to get there, and how you will arrive, allow yourself the time and reflection it needs to review, reflect, and heal.

From the onset, make a commitment to yourself to be your best own ally. That you will not betray yourself and will do your best to stay out of “harm’s way” — in both your internal and external world. The mind can allow you to self-sabotage along with engaging in activities and behaviors that either mask or inflict pain inwardly and onto others. Once you come to learn your mind’s scare tactics and games it plays to inflict torture and betrayal, you can turn the tables and outwit it by holding your ground and not buckling at the knees. Every personal victory gained — big or small is another notch in your belt. It’s another battle wound that has healed.

It’s your choice to either wear the scar proudly or let it fully disappear without any trace that it was once there. The liberation once obtained won’t obtain you but rather strengthen you. It will allow your mind to be a clear conduit of love that is the root of your inner strength and contentment along with serving as a mirror — shining your light onto others so they can also celebrate in their personal victory with you, as well. Although we attach the heart to the center of feeling, it’s really the mind that dictates its. Hence, when one decides to “think with the heart,” it’s another way of saying that the mind must be conquered through love and ease — rather than adhering to logic and resistance. Needless to say, it’s finding the balance of thoughtful decision-making and problem solving along with letting ourselves learn to feel, give, and receive love without great expectations.

May you find inner peace, strength, courage, and guidance; that your once most dangerous weapon is disarmed and transformed into your most precious savior. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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