5 Fantastic Benefits Of Being Single This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, we can only count on one thing; a complete inundation of our social media feeds with photos of our friends and acquaintances doing the signature “I just got engaged, look at my rock” pose. As a single lady I am bursting with happiness for those people and know that if I was currently in a committed relationship with anything besides Netflix (Hello, Mad Men) I would certainly post many pictures of my shiny Tiffany & Co. ring on my Facebook feed as well. While being bombarded with pictures of kissing couples and cute Instagram captions is all fun and great, there is are also some really great things about being completely single during the holiday season.

1. There’s no pressure to buy your significant other the perfect gift.

Though I do have this odd talent of picking out the perfect gifts for the people that I love, it is nice to not have to walk into the mall knowing you are about to drop $169.99 on a hockey jersey knowing full well this means you will be expected to attend hockey games throughout the year with your man.

2. If you don’t have to purchase a present for your significant other, you can use that extra cash on whatever you want!

Instead of budgeting your paychecks to include gifts for your significant other, you get to use that money on Whatever. You. Want. If you need some ideas on what to splurge on anything from Kate Spade will do, paying off student loans is always responsible, or you could just put it towards gifts for the other people in your life. But if you are as selfish as me you’ll buy yourself a Disneyland Annual Passport, because what single girl couldn’t use a little bit more magic in their life?

3. You can do whatever you want with your holiday break.

Even if that means staying in your pajamas and watching Elf nine times in one day.

4. There is no need to worry about the winter weight you’ll inevitably gain this holiday season.

Without a significant other, there is really no need to stress about that extra five pounds you’ll gain this holiday season. Shout out to Christmas cookies and Caramel Brulée Lattes!

5. Being single is all about self-improvement and coincidentally so is New Years.

Time to create the ultimate New Years Resolution and create the best you possible. Travel, read as many books as you can, and be best friends with the gym so that when the right person does come around you are your best self! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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