5 Things To Do To All Of Your Haters That They Totally Deserve

“Honey, you should not eat those fries. You are already fat.” Okay, okay. Hang on. First of all, I am not asking for any of your comment. Second, we are not really close for you to call me ‘honey.’ And third, can you please stop acting like I care for what you have to say to me? Please bring a plant handy in replacement for all the oxygen you have to waste.

Her tone is high-pitch enough to crack a window, and as gooey as her shit. It sounds annoying and no matter how you try, you cannot just avoid the judgmental douchebags and douchettes. Her comments are not limited to the way you eat. They will even exist on your Instagram posts or Facebook statuses. At this point of your life, you’ve already trained yourself in being quiet and not saying anything. That’s a good start if you just want to do your thing without your day being actually ruined. But, based on experience, there are at least five best ways to react to their negative energy.

1. Ignore

She told you to not eat those fries maybe because she is on a diet and she hates seeing someone living her life. Or maybe, she just has a bad experience on that food and you unfortunately triggered those memories. Or maybe… she really has nothing to do better than bring someone down. You keep on overanalyzing her statement because you know yourself that you are not fat, not even overweight. The bottom line is you don’t know any of their motives for being insensitive and hurtful. Please spare your energy and do NOT react to them. Life is too short to resent. And to care.

2. Say a wiser comeback.

You can’t let people step on you forever. If she’s been doing this to you for quite some time now, then you should already notice her weak points. After all, she must be far from perfect. Just do not go below the belt. I said, wiser, not more insensitive. Remember: you will not stoop down on her level.

3. Do things better.

You know what? That person hates you because she knows your potential. Never stop doing your thing. If anything, do it even better than the way you did before. (Get yourself a sundae and nuggets—all this bitch that can’t order.)

4. Confide with your close friends.

I know, I know. It gets too bad sometimes because they can resurface all of your insecurities in one breath. But don’t worry. You have friends, and they don’t. It will get better and you will be stronger.

5. Slap that b*tch.

As I said, you cannot let them do this to you forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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