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It’s Time To Let Go, And Here’s Why

Sometimes people enter your life, and it’s usually when you’re not expecting them. Whether that person taught you something, opened your heart up again, or they took you through a painful experience, they served a purpose in your life.

Sometimes people come into your life to challenge you. To make you turn inwards and take a look at yourself. You might realize things about yourself that you either love or despise. Or they might trigger your trauma-wounds, but they help you acknowledge what still needs to be healed. Or they come into your life to remind you what it’s like to feel again.

It can be a both loving and painful experience, but the outcome is always transformative.

Depending on the person and the situation, the level of intensity you feel with them, and the mutual care and desire, it can be hard to let go of them.

It can be painful, and sometimes it can feel like breaking an addiction.

The person becomes your drug. You feel a sense of euphoria when you’re with them, filling you with so much love and care. They give you an emotional high.

When you get in a fight or part ways, you go through a withdrawal. You crave them, and you want them, but you know you shouldn’t. You miss the way they made you feel, but you know it’s likely you will face a hard comedown if you abuse the drug again.

Until you realize that the drug is only hurting and damaging you and it’s time to break your addiction, then the cycle won’t close. You’ll always go back to the drug and have destructive patterns in your life. Only you can break the cycle.There comes a time when people have served their purpose in our life, and we need to accept that. We can’t hold on and attach ourselves to something that was temporary.

temporary /tempəˌrerē/


lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.

We can’t hold on and attach ourselves to people or situations that aren’t meant to last forever. We need to be comfortable with temporary and letting go, because nothing is permanent in our lives. Once we close a cycle, we make room for the next experience to come into our life.

I know it’s hard to let go sometimes, but ask yourself what’s stopping you.

The more we let go and welcome the next phase in our lives, whether that will be loving or painful, it serves a purpose. To challenge us, to heal us, and to transform ourselves into a better version of ourselves.

It’s time to let go and overcome your addiction.

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Marina Stathakis

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