4 Reasons Why Your First Beer Is Like Your First Relationship

Flickr / Jason Pope
Flickr / Jason Pope

1. Pick A Type

We all have the dreaded type. It could be something light, something heavy or something foreign. Not only do you have a type but you commitment as soon as you pick up that 6-pack. So, for the rest of the week, or night, if you are me, that beer is with you.

2. The First Date

You take that first sip, and you decide you would like more. More, more, more!

3. The Relationship

Alright, so this is good. Everything is going well you feel like you could Mary Poppins off the roof, you hear birds chirping and Beyoncé singing “Put a Ring On it.”

Or, you end up regretting it because the first “date” fooled you and you end up in the bathroom the entire night.

4. The Breakup

Ahhh, yes we all remember this. The pain, the horror you feel temporarily and you think yourself, “How long is this going to last?” You spend hours overanalyzing what you did and how you feel about it. And lastly, the unfortunate walk to shame to go retrieve your belongings you left.

Sometimes the beer lasts a long time, and sometimes it does not. But, the good news is there is always more beer. It may not taste the same, and it may have a different label. Hell, it may imported from Mexico, but one day you will find one that is right for you and the rest will be literally be a mystery. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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