Some Days Your Heart Will Ache, But Don’t Let This Break You

Jiri Wagner

Some days, for seemingly no reason at all, your heart will just ache.

The scars that you thought were healing will suddenly start to sting.

Maybe you’ve had a long day, a long week, or a long few weeks.

Maybe the weight upon your shoulders is finally starting to crush you.

Maybe suddenly everything that you’ve been avoiding or burying now feels suffocating.

Some days are going to be harder than others.

Some days you will have to allow yourself to feel, so that someday, you will allow yourself to heal.

Maybe you have to ask the questions that you’ve been afraid to hear the answers.

Maybe you have to speak the words that you’ve been tucking away.

Maybe you have to feel the feelings that terrify you.

Just don’t let the pain linger for too long.

Don’t let the cold sweep into your soul and frost your heart.

Don’t let the anger control your actions.

Don’t let the fear dictate your thoughts.

Don’t let your insecurities seep into your hope.

Because some days, hope will be all you have. When you have nothing left to give, no where else to go, and so many thoughts that you feel as though you’re drowning, you still have hope.

Because some days, for seemingly no reason at all, your heart will just ache. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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