Sometimes You Just Have To Be Lost


Sometimes things just happen. You’re left searching for a reason and trying to pick up all the pieces and you’re still just lost.

Maybe you won’t learn from it.
Maybe you won’t ever fully understand it.
Maybe you’ll never truly forget it.

But remember, that you can eventually move on from it; you can eventually grow from it.

Sometimes you’ll just have to be lost. You can find your way by yourself or you can try and ask for help along the way.

Maybe you don’t feel brave.
Maybe you don’t feel strong.
Maybe you just don’t feel okay.

But remember, that you are; and that you will eventually feel okay again.

Sometimes you get hurt. You’re disappointed and confused and just want to go back to the way things were.

Maybe you’re angry.
Maybe you’re sad.
Maybe you’re numb.

But remember, that nobody can tell you how to feel, or what to do to heal.

Sometimes you have to forgive. You have to let go of the hope for a different past. You have to believe in your own strength and perseverance. You have to learn to trust again, to be vulnerable, and to have hope. You don’t have to forget the pain, as it will likely leave a scar.

But remember, that you have to forgive.

Maybe you need more time.
Maybe you need more faith.
Maybe you need less doubt.

But remember, that you have to forgive.

Put your armor down. Do not let the world make you cold. Do not let bitterness rear its ugly head. Be kind. Be gentle towards others and be gentler towards yourself.
Be tender. Be present. Be happy.

Because sometimes, things just happen.
And sometimes you just have to be lost for a little bit.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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