Love Him With No Expectations

 Rachael Williams
Rachael Williams

Relationships are messy. And expectations only make them messier!

Unfortunately, when you fall in love with a man, you expect him to love you the same way. By same way, I mean, same level of love, same way of expression, same priority level, same time supply, and the list goes on. But what if he doesn’t? Does that mean he loves you less? Or doesn’t deserve your time, to begin with?

Well, here’s the thing. Since both of you lead two different lives with two different mindsets and personalities, it is normal, and maybe even healthy, for both of you to have several priorities, apart from each other.

His love to you does not go against him having a life that does not directly involve you or your presence all the time. He deserves to have a life that involves various activities apart from his love life, and still choose to be with you; just like you do too. This should not make you feel unwanted; on the contrary, you should look at how he chooses to prioritize your presence in his life even while having a busy schedule.

More importantly, just because he loves you in a way that is completely different than yours, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Expecting him to turn out like the guy in the last romantic novel you fell in love with or the guy in the last unrealistic Facebook post you read about a couple, will do nothing but disappoint you and ruin your relationship with him.

Instead, learn to love him the way he is, accept that he will not change, and know that choosing to love him meant choosing to love his flaws as well.

Also, stop comparing him with others. Comparison is the quickest way to make him feel less of himself, and ultimately, lose him.

Guys can be a pain, but they’re children at heart, especially when they feel loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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