Why Childhood Friends Always Stay The Best

 Ben White
Ben White

I used to be a very non-social kid. I hated playing with other kids, and I especially hated the yard. I never went to my yard. I never played games with my neighbors. I felt awkward and out of the picture.

But lucky for me, I had a best friend who had no issue with socializing, and in fact was very fond of playing with others. So, I was constantly in her house, in their area, playing with her neighbors and enjoying myself. I remember how awesome it felt; running on the garage roof tops, watering each other when it was hot, and playing games, and even getting injured while playing feels like a good memory now. It was a separate small world of ours. Me, her, a couple of kids I got to know, and this guy she had a crush on.

Now. 7 years later. We are 20. We are not grown-ups, but we’re definitely more mature. We are different. We are individuals. We no longer play games, share the same childish desires, mistreat each other or steal each others’ toys. Yet, everything is the same.

God, I can’t even begin to describe what an unbelievably sad and at the same time happy moment that is, when you meet up for the first time in 7 years, witness the 10 minutes of awkwardness, and then just go along with a conversations that arises out of nowhere.

And then you realize that everything has changed, but you’re still together, you still feel the connection, and in a weird way, your attitudes, your characteristics and the way you treat each other is exactly the same but in a more mature level.

It is impossible to not tear up during these moments. And as much as I tried, I cried, by best friend did too. Well, I don’t know about the third one (because he’s a guy), but I’m sure he sensed something too. It was all very nostalgic, but new.

I may not be very old and wise, but I learn from my experiences and I try to spread what I’ve learned with others. So, here is the idea – having new friends is great! It is exciting and interesting because you get to meet so many inspiring and diverse people you never knew existed, and you learn a lot from each of them, but… none of those friends can be compared to the old ones.

The old ones are the best! Old friends know us fully. We get to share all stages of our lives with our old friends. And no matter how many new friends you make, you always go back to the old ones. Because they’re real.

They are there. And if you lost connection, try to reach out. Don’t lose that part of you. It is important.

I know that I can just hug them and every problem or every small disappointment will be forever gone. They make me feel safe, loved and important. And if I could, I would be with them all the time, every day. But life separated us, and I feel like the luckiest person when we’re all together, even if it is once in 7 years.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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