5 Signs That You Are Attracted To Immature Guys


Every girl has a type. Some girls pay attention to appearance; blue eyes, brown eyes, tall, short. Other are more interested in characteristics; intelligence, humor, interesting personality traits. But there is always this one group of girls who are attracted to some specific patterns.

For instance, some girls like guys who are too jealous, or strict, or generous. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. But sometimes, girls unintentionally fall for guys who have negative patterns without realizing so. And so one of them is immaturity.

It is really hard to understand if a guy is a normal human being, or if he’s still a baby. Some guys act like grown-ups, but the moment things get tough, you can see their real faces; scared, confused, without any idea what to do next. It takes a long time to realize that unfortunately that is your type. So let me make it easy for you and present you the 5 main facts that will indicate whether your crush/boyfriend is immature.

1. Is he younger than you?

This may seem stupid judging maturity by age because some people become mature early while others take more time. But it has been known that girls become more responsible and understanding a lot earlier than guys. So, thinking logically, if a guy is younger than you (even if it is just several months) he may not be equally responsible or committed or many other things that guys should know and accept.

2. When facing a problem, is he more likely to stay and figure it out with you, or does he just ignore it?

Many people run away from their issues. Constantly. It is a completely normal thing to do. For some small amount of time of course. You must know the feeling, when you want to give up, but then you start thinking rationally, and immediately get back to solving the problem. Well, in case your boyfriend ignores your mad texts (where you just want to talk) or doesn’t want to discuss the issue, I’m sorry, but he’s just a baby. An irresponsible immature person who’s too scared to face the truth or maybe admit that he was wrong.

3. Are you in a relationship or just casually dating?

You may say that the no relationship, just hanging out thing comes from many relationship experiences when people are already tired of committing and just want to have fun. Yes, it is true, in some cases. That’s when a person knows for sure that it’s what he/she wants due to unfortunate experiences. And that’s okay for those people because they know what they’re doing. But what about the ones who have never been in serious relationships and don’t even want to? That, my friends, is called “the fear of the unknown”, some people have serious phobias from the unknown. The fear of responsibility and commitment. The fear of giving up their freedom.

4. When he says he loves you but doesn’t act like it.

Kids say words without knowing its meaning. And so do the immature guys. I love you. I’ll do anything for you. Whatever you want. Easy to say! But do they? You love me? Great! Why don’t you spend more time with me then? How can someone love and not want to spend at least an hour in a week with someone he loves? You’ll do whatever I want? Ok. I want a relationship.

5. When he doesn’t let you in.

When you’re in a relationship, you want to know everything about each other. His hobbies, his favorite songs, what is his mom like? What is his happiest childhood memory? But for some reason, a lot of guys are too closed. They don’t expose their personality. They just want to kiss and hug you until your lips hurt and your ribs break. Sorry to say this, but in this case it’s not only immaturity, but also just an infatuation. He doesn’t love you he just wants you.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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