Every Day I Love You More

As time goes by I feel like I tell you the same thing stringing together different words. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing me say I love you. I have never known a person as beautiful and as powerful as you. You give me hope that people can still be good and make me believe love is real. I will never stop thanking god for putting you in my path. You are my one true love.

I cannot believe where you and I stand today.

I fell in love with you slowly, and once I realized I was falling there was no looking back. I want you. I want to wake up next to you, make you breakfast, even smell your farts if that means I have you forever. You are my best friend. You are the easiest person to love and exactly what love is supposed to be.

After all this time, I still get excited to see you. I still get giddy reading your messages and take forever picking an outfit for our dates. I know I tell you a hundred times a day-but I really love having you in my life. I want this love to go with me wherever I go. I feel like I could fly when I’m with you. I want to runaway to a place where we can be us. A place where we can hold hands and drink wine with pizza with no care in the world. Maybe in my fantasy land I can sing in the shower without you beginning to worry about the rainstorm that’s coming.

Through so many things, we have made it out stronger. I laugh differently today thanks to you. Our relationship has put a lot into perspective for me. All of my wants and needs have become simpler now. I want you today, tomorrow and forever – nothing more and nothing less.

Thank you for showing me how beautiful it can be when you share your soul with someone.

I write everything I can’t say.

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