To The One Who Got Away Too Soon

To The One Who Got Away Too Soon

To the person who deposited trust into my mind, heart and body, thank you. It has been such a long time since I have woken up excited – not just happy – but excited about everything. We ended too soon, we were so unfinished, but that’s life.

I am blown away by how much you made me believe in. Romance for a brief moment wasn’t just something in movies. The house with white picket fence and the cabin in the mountains wasn’t terrifying and commitment didn’t make me want to bolt. It was subtle, but also a rapid belief that came over me and I’m unsure when it happened. All I know is it felt so incredible to feel like this.

Looking back on it now, it’s a beautiful disaster. We care just enough but not enough for it to be anything more. It’s the calm after a really bad storm. The city is destroyed, people have no power; but they are pushing through. It was intense, but it’s over now, and everything is as okay as it can be.

I miss you in unusual amounts, and its probably because I felt so free with you. I think feeling free while being with another person is what everyone desires. I can honestly say you were as free as I’d been in a while. Thank you for sharing and for listening, and most of all for being honest. We spend our lives disguising ourselves and putting up a jaded front, only in hopes we find someone we don’t fool. One thing I trust is that we didn’t fool each other.

Maybe one day our paths will cross again and we’ll laugh at how close we were to love – at least that is my hope. When I am eating tacos or looking at the moon, I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you well. I hope you get to be an even greater superhero to the next girl as you were to me.

And the next time you’re standing in the rain, remember that you are worth standing in a monsoon for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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