Read This If You Feel Like Giving Up

Read This If You Feel Like Giving Up

I know how it feels when you’re sitting in your room contemplating everything. There are days where you feel like you’re on the moon. Life’s good, work is good, friends and family are great. Then you get cold water thrown on you. Someone’s moving away, you lost your job, the love of your life doesn’t love you anymore.

These little things make up life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And sometimes it feels lonely. Sometimes you want to give in to temptation and give up. Anxiety is whispering in your ear feeding into your self-doubts and coaching you to self-harm. Don’t do it.

Remember the good days where nothing else mattered. Remember how your eyes sparkle when you’re with someone you love. Remember the simple things in life that have mended your broken heart and nourished your mind time and time again.

Imagine if you would’ve given up on trying to walk after the first few times you fell and bumped your knee. Imagine if every time you ran into a wall or had a set back you just gave up. You wouldn’t be here today and you wouldn’t be you.

If you are hurting you are living. The first time I heard this I was crying over someone whom I love dearly. In retrospect, it all makes sense now. I was able to experience a love that set my soul on fire and although it felt like hell when it was falling apart, I lived.

It’s normal to feel sad sometimes. To want someone to come and sit next to you just so you aren’t alone. It’s okay to be guarded after all that’s happened. Don’t give up on yourself though. On evolving and growing from all the things that have happened to you and around you. You have so much to add to this world, so many hearts to touch, so many laughs you haven’t had.

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