My Vows To The Man I’ll Never Marry

You taught me how to love. You taught me how to forgive. You taught me it’s okay to be human. On various occasions I have told you that you have truly brought a calming feeling over me. Being with you is like being home. I can’t express my gratitude for all you do and all you haven’t done yet.

I promise to never forget you, to love you even when I’m senile, and to tell everyone in the nursing home in about you. I promise to remember the good and the bad, because I know you constantly remind me that you aren’t perfect—but in my eyes you’re pretty darn close.

I am glad that the stars aligned the way they did and we ended up where we did. Somehow a cup of coffee got me one of the most invigorating relationships in the world. I have chosen for a while now to be yours and can continue to do that forever.

I could promise you the moon and that wouldn’t be nearly enough of a gesture for how I feel. But since I don’t have my jetpack yet, I promise my heart for as long as you’ll have it. My loyalty, my friendship and a shoulder whenever you need one. I promise you massages and coffee that you will always say you don’t like and a thousand mugs scribbled with cute things I could never say to you.

My best friend, I long for Sunday mornings with you just as much as I long for Friday nights and everything in between. You are exactly what is right with this world, and I feel so lucky to know you. Thank you for always lending an ear, for being a teacher, and, most of all, for being love in human form.

I know in a parallel universe we are together and have four dogs and my promises are not in vain. But today we have been dealt a different hand, and despite this, I love you more and more as time passes and promise to never forget all of our adventures. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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