You Just Make Sense To Me

You make sense.

In the same way that I know the sky is blue and that 2+2=4. That is how much you make sense to me.

I have now had various highs and lows with you, where when either (usually the lows) come I question if we are doing more damage than good. I wonder if I am good for you. I want to be someone who nourishes you with love and support, and when I have feelings of uneasiness or obsoleteness – I don’t.

It’s all in my mind, I know. I know that you appreciate me and our relationship. But sometimes I just want a little more than a thank you babe or you’re right. And the little more, is just a hug or a kiss or even an I love you.

When I really think about us, when I first realized you made me want to scream and sing or at our first ‘date’, I can’t help but smile and think how good we have it. Yes it’s hard and I miss you. Loving someone as much as I love you tends to leave me weak in the knees from loss of love. I know I’ll be ok if you aren’t here, but it’s like I want you here. I swear to you I can listen to you rant forever and not make anything sexual but if I can just be in your arms – it’s fine. I’ll listen to you for days I just miss your being, your body, your scent, your smile. I want to tell you everything because you are my go to. I never want to imagine life without you as my #1.

Sometimes I overthink, I know and I wish you’d understand that this is going to happen. I overthink and overlove and this will never change. I am going to doubt how you feel about me or if you want this as much as I do. And then I’ll go back to normal. It’s a ride that I hope you don’t get tired of, because I have loved loving you.

I love you today, tomorrow, yesterday and forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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