The The Ones Who Have Yet To Find Love—Love Will Find You

If you have been looking for love but haven’t found it, this is for you. If you have been losing all the love battles you enter, this is for you. If you have lost all hope, this is for you. If you have been feeling alone and heartbroken, this is for you.

Love is just around the corner.

Love wants to knock on your door just as you keep looking for it.

Love whispers your name in its prayers, it longs for you. It knows the worth that you are. It counts the minutes, the seconds that have to pass till it holds you. Till it has you.

But you don’t see it which makes you blame yourself. And as you wonder if you’re doing something wrong. Start thinking how some people are not made for love. Start believing you probably don’t deserve it. Start assuming you have not paved the road for it enough -and let me tell you this, you surely did not- you are being wrong, but only because love does not need your help.

Love doesn’t want you to give it a hand.

It doesn’t want you to open the door for it.

It is not waiting for you to invite it to bed and there is no such a thing as you’re not hurrying it enough.

Love knows its way.

And someday it will walk that way for you, for all your messed up perfections, for everything that you are and I am not going to say that it is not going to change your life because it will.

I am not going to say you don’t need it, because everyone needs to love and be loved.

I am going to say that until it knocks your door, you have to start believing that you are not missing out on anything.

Your life as it is has to be enough.

You have to glue your broken pieces, make your life worth living, go after what you love, love your life and yourself first, not so you would be ready for love, but to love yourself enough to know you won’t be depending on another’s love to get your life’s meaning.

And then when love comes, it won’t be there to save you because you don’t need saving.

It won’t be because you are the best version of yourself because this is not how love works.

But it will surely be because you have been you, the unedited version of you, the one not shaped for anyone else, the one not waiting for anyone else, the one not counting on anyone else to live.

And when that happens, it may not always be the right time. Not always the expected time. But whether it is the cute surprise or the where the hell have you been or the feeling that it is too late and you are too broken, trust me on this one, the right love will arrive and will make its way through your life, save its spot and make you forgive it for all its shortcomings and the times it should have been there.

When love finds you, you will know how to give it a second chance because as you know you can survive its absence you will also know how to love its existence.

And when love finds you, it will not lose its miraculous charm and as it flows right into your life, no matter how fed up, uninterested, hopeless you would be before it, how then it will mean everything.

An Egyptian medical student who believes that words can heal a wound and that good food and good books can fix two thirds of our problems.

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