This Is What It Means To Have Oversized Feelings, Because It’s More Than ‘Feeling Too Much’

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We all know about the over-sized products for if we ever turn overweight.
But there’s something that concerned me lately, what I like to call oversized feeling. You probably never heard of the term because as you see I invented it but I’m sure you’ve dealt with someone who have suffered from it at least once in your life .

A person with oversized feelings is someone with a big heart, so big that you can’t miss a spot in their heart without making it feel something, too big that the area exposed to different feelings and situations is much larger than normal, that every feeling they’ll ever get to sense will be multiplied.

To me a person with oversized feelings is someone who is too vulnerable because he observes everything around him and unfortunately can react to them all as intensely.

Some of us do not realize what these people might go through, it’s not like they suffer from bipolar disorder – no, that’s something totally different. But it’s true they can go from highs to lows because of one thing, the difference probably is that they usually have a reason, however, not a reason good enough for people with feelings that are not as oversized .

To some they might seem as moody people, they’d show some gloominess right after they were laughing. If you ask them, they might tell you they just suddenly don’t feel okay but the truth could also so possibly be that they noticed you looking at them in a way that made them feel their laugh is stupid.

Maybe the problem with these people is that they notice too much, maybe it’s that they can’t let something go without reacting to it, maybe it’s that their high observing power make them make scenarios in their heads that may have never existed in reality. However, what remains the real problem is that some might find it hard to deal with them and they might find it hard to have their attitude exhausting themselves and others for too long.

I asked myself if there’s a way to deal with this case. If there’s some solution to your overthinking all night long about the guy who told you you look tired today with a laugh because you think he probably meant you look ugly or your thoughts that didn’t stop all day trying to analyze whether the way your friends spoke to you was appropriate or were they being snobbish.

I tried to see if there’s a way you could adopt on dealing with people who show any of those signs too and here is what I found out.

As a person with oversized feelings, you have to know that your observations will be true so many times.

That maybe it’s true your friend meant to act silly with you or your lover was really bored the other day. That maybe that person really meant a certain message between the lines but you should know that though you can read that message well, it doesn’t mean it’s the right message or one you should follow. It doesn’t mean that people wouldn’t want to mess with your head.

You see, as much as you observe you have to know that you don’t always have to blame yourself. That if something bad happened, you don’t always have to react to it, sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all. You may also put in mind that when some problem show up in front of your eyes you can analyze it but do so to reach something, a solution, an explanation but not just an analysis that will make you more depressed about whatever the problem was.

You also have to know that there’s no such a thing as not letting the world touch you. It’s true maybe it affects you a bit more than others. That the news are sometimes enough to break your heart for the whole day (week for some) ,but you don’t let this stop you. You try and learn how to grow out of such miseries or else they’ll take you to the darkest hole you’ve ever known.

And for those who deal with people whose feelings are easily heightened. If you noticed that in them, you have to give them excuses and if you noticed once that a word you said unintentionally troubled them, don’t hesitate to tell them your true intentions .

Yes, it surely may exhaust you to do that all the time but who said you can’t be honest enough to face them with how their oversensitivity bothers you sometimes .

Still if you ever considered telling them, let it be in a way that really delivers your sincere advice, in a way that shows that you’re willing to help them with their problem, the one that – if you know- mostly troubles them more than it does to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

An Egyptian medical student who believes that words can heal a wound and that good food and good books can fix two thirds of our problems.

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