This Is Why No Job Will Give You Satisfaction Unless You Do What You Truly Love

Dmitry Ratushny
Dmitry Ratushny

In a universe of six billion people how can you ever stand out?

How can your name be immortal in history, how can you bequeath a legacy how can something so massive come out of someone so tiny as each one of us for all the world to see, hear and appreciate.

Such questions cross my mind along with thoughts about jobs that could drive a man towards success but right after i find a reply , that the one criteria that must be found in one’s job in order for him to truly feel success is that he loves what he does and wants it from all his heart .

In a universe of six billion people you were created because you matter
, we all do but not all of us is aware enough of this fact, the difference between a successful man and a one who is not, as i always thought , was belief more than anything . Believing that there is something special about you, something so good, so great, something that when you get the chance to discover you’d know it will change the world , you’d know that for it you’d spare no efforts because you believe it’s worth all the efforts you can give .

I know people who think that by studying a certain major then their career must have been determined and if this major was nothing like the one they wanted then all their dreams must be shattered but that’s not true. Success is not dependent on a dream but more on a will and a desire to pursue it wherever it goes and no matter how hard it seems. And happiness though not dependent on success usually accompanies it but always accompanies the acts done with love.

The idea of shifting careers is now more common than before and the idea of leaving a guaranteed job but one you don’t like for another of a future of which you are not sure is now more heard of than before and though some may call it insanity, some call it courage and one’s boldness and passion to refuse to let go of what could be the reason of his happiness , but i do realize how this is not possible for everyone , how some jobs bring food home and how dreams might not always do and how the sustained feeling of “what new can i possibly bring to such a career, nothing of course” is always keeping you steps behind from doing the things you like and as well keeping you from taking any step forward with life.

But I remember that Steve jobs said that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do and I believe him from the bottom of my heart , just as i believe that miracles do happen if only you believed enough in them. And living proofs for this are alot for instance believe it or not i read before that Walt Disney was a newspaper editor. The founder of The Walt Disney Company started out as a newspaper editor, but was apparently fired because ” he lacked imagination and had no good ideas. ” ironic right !

The thing is that you are not necessarily asked to shift careers, some people do it both, a job with a stable money income and a work with a steady income of satisfaction and some are lucky enough to have those two as one.

However, one thing i kow for sure if you choose to work something you love that doesn’t necessarily mean that life would get all butterflies and rainbows ,you’d struggle ,probably just like everyone else because when you love something, you’d want it perfect, you’d want to make everything okay, you’d want to control everything and once you realize this is not how life is like you start falling bit by bit.

You start that inner struggle of pushing yourself to perfection even if you know there is no such destination but the difference you’d have then is that though you might struggle in something you love and though the road with love may not be that easy as you think there’s one thing of which I’m certain, you’d suffer happily and feel some exotic sweetness with every step full of bitterness, you’d feel like a fighter, a noble fighter for a noble cause something that people try so hard to be and even when they tell you that the road you are choosing just because you love it, won’t give you happiness as much as it’d be your end, you’d know that it’d be an end of your current life but a beginning of something else, something more.

A life with you smiling in its end knowing that you’ve had it just like you wanted to be, just like it should have been, the life of a dreamer, a believer and it’s much better to believe in a dream than to believe that dreams are impossible.

Lifeless as you might seem even to yourself you too have stories to tell.

If for once you stopped talking about how great everyone is and tried to notice any thing special you do, believe me i am sure you will find something. The thing is that no matter how insignificant you believe this thing could be don’t hesitate to give yourself a break and try it out, no laws were ever made without experiments and No one is born an “EINSTEIN ” nor a “Steve Jobs ” either

But it takes hard work and restless days and years mostly to be someone who can be remembered by everyone for centuries to come.

There comes a point in everybody’s life where we come at crossroads some prefer to play it safe and some prefer to take their chances and most of the times the ones who take the risks are the ones who truly live. I want you to be prepared when these times come to give it all your potential with mainly a belief that things are going to work out the way they should be and better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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