14 Old Words That Should Still Be Used Today

1. Hark

What it means: To listen attentively

As in: Seriously you guys, hark: I think we should get half-sausage, half-pineapple. Then everyone will be happy.

2. Booby

What it means: A stupid person

As in: The booby didn’t even look before driving through the intersection! I could be a cripple right now!

3. Quaff

What it means: To drink a beverage copiously and heartily

As in: What’d you guys do last night? / Oh, you know — we went to the bar and straight up quaffed some shots. The usual.

 4. Odzooks

What it means: A mild oath

As in: I just saw Jenny making out with your boyfriend. / Oh Em Gee! Odzooks?! / Totes Odzooks.

5. Dwimmer-crafty

What it means: Skilled in the arts of magic, particularly illusion and concealment

As in: You’re a dwimmer-crafty, Harry.

 6. Grandsire

What it means: An aged man

As in: How old are you again? / Twenty-four. /And you’re dating someone who’s forty-seven? / Yes. / Shoot, he’s a regular grandsire.

 7. Trothplighted

What it means: Engaged to be married

As in: Grandsire, I know I didn’t ask for your permission before proposing to your daughter, but we’re trothplighted. Get over it.

 8. Tomnoddy

What it means: A foolish person

As in: Derek didn’t even know that Game of Thrones airs a week ahead in the Netherlands. The tomnoddy could’ve downloaded next week’s episode by now.

 9. Septentrional

What it means: Of the north

As in: Oh, you’re from Canada? Septentrional, eh?

 10. Seraglio

What it means: A large harem

As in:  Which seraglio did you join? / Delta Zeta! Soooooo excited!

11. Limn

What it means: To depict by painting or drawing

As in: Jack, I want you to limn me like one of your French girls.

12. Gubbins

What it means: Something worthless

As in: What’d your boyfriend get you for graduation? / Used lotto tickets. / Wow, he’s the epitome of a gubbins.

13. Abnegate

What it means: To deny to oneself

As in: Hey, want to go see The Lucky One? / Sorry I can’t, I abnegated Zac Efron’s filmography for Lent.

14. Pizzle

What it means: To beat someone with a dried bull’s penis

As in: You deleted Dance Moms off the DVR?! I’m going to give you a good pizzling! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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