10 Simple New Year’s Resolutions To Make For 2015


We learned some things in 2014. We learned that “I woke up like this” makes for a great morning Snapchat caption. We learned that Taylor Swift and her short haircut rule the world. Some things may have panned out differently than you’d have hoped, but now you’re able to access those emotions and better relate to other people. Unpleasant experiences are valid and make you stronger and wiser. And even though you may begin this year going back to a job you hate, with a name tag that’s tacky, you’re still confident that 2015 is YOUR year. It is also everyone else’s year. But also, YOUR year. There is probably nothing more personal than goals one might have to better themselves, but here are some things I’ve been chewing on. Here are ten things to take with you to 2015. (Or not! Do you, my friends.)

1. Realize that gossiping doesn’t bond you with people. It creates a false connection with people who have small minds and small ideas. Invest in people who make you happy, make you laugh, and challenge you to be better.

2. Up your Instagram game by choosing to have experiences. Limit the selfies. Create your own inspirational quotes.

3. Stop eating awful food just because it’s free and available to you.

4. Actually listen to the lyrics of the music you listen to. Make sure you agree with the message rooted in the catchy beat and bumpin’ bass. What does “Blurred Lines” mean to you? Challenge the society you live in.

5. Stop complaining about Starbucks baristas spelling your name wrong. Your name is spelled Kellie? They were just in such a rush to make you the most efficient, perfect pumpkin spice latte that ever was brewed.

6. Don’t feel bad about sharing your life or achievements on social media. Don’t be shy! But do it in a way that includes others in your success. Or make it funny, so people still like you.

7. Watch an episode of every TV show “You HAVE to see!” so you know central characters/basic plot lines and can be clued in to pop culture references.

8. Don’t be guarded. Be aware that you’re fragile. And shake the box without reading the label. Approach relationships and friendships as an opportunity to exchange ideas, learn about other humans, and explore your own vulnerability and capacity to care.

9. Be present with the people you are with. Instagram scrolling can wait until you’re alone in bed, realizing how photogenic your friends are. Also, stop sleeping on your phone.

10. Love. And be loved. Be kind. And accept the kindness of strangers. Never underestimate the value of the attention you give to others.
2015 will be great. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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