The World Can Either Swallow You Whole Or Embrace You

Slava Bowman

Isn’t it crazy how people say ‘It’s a small world out there!’? I often ask myself, rather, wonder: Is the world really small? It’s quite complicated when you think about it but one way or another, and maybe for some people, the world is just a slice of life.

The world is either big or small in different perspectives. It could eat you up alive, swallow you whole, or spit you out. But truth is, what makes us think that the world is either big or small is because we aren’t grasping the reality enough.

We are too confined in our own spaces that we believe we are contented. We are doubtful when it comes to taking risks we should’ve had taken a long time ago. There are some obstacles along the way and it is what makes it so difficult for us to take the path we want to choose.

We see people and meet them every day but we are oblivious. We are oblivious because we are afraid. And curious. And puzzled about the things we hold so dear and yet to know.

There are two sides of the equation and at some point, we can’t always stick in the middle and keep our ground level. Choosing takes up a lot of our time and it keeps us thinking before we finally get to do it. And when we do, not only does it reflect ourselves but also of our connections and relationships in life.

Heck yeah, the world is big because we see too much and less is less. Heck yeah, the world is small because we see what we only want to see and having little is already too much. We chose that.

We might have written our stories, told them but still, we ask ourselves: Have I done enough? Have I taken the risk? Did I overcome that obstacle? We feel as though we are never enough because there is some part inside of us that thinks there is so much more out there. Truth be told, yes, there is and no, there isn’t. It all depends on how you see the world. More importantly, yourself.

We often think the world only a figment, a passing-by waiting to happen that would soon come to an end. True, the world may be cruel but it always leaves us a lesson. It teaches us things we don’t usually apply to ourselves but end up doing it anyway. It leaves us stunned. We regret things, come back from it and live it again.

In the end, it will always be up to us to make and take our own path. We eat, breathe, and live to open our eyes to another day full of twists and turns and unexpected surprises. It’s bat-shit crazy but hey, at least we can all agree on one thing: the world is, indeed, a slice of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

The world doesn’t revolve around you and not everything has to be about you. Stop, breathe, and think about it first.

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