7 Things Strangers Do That Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Humanity has always had a pretty bad rap. We commit crimes, we make terrible decisions that result in disastrous consequences, and some of us are just downright mean. But along the way, you may meet some strangers who go against the grain of humanity. They don’t know you at all yet they’re human just as you are and sometimes they’re nice to you for no reason. Let’s take a moment to love the strangers who go out of their way to make our days a little better by doing these tiny, random acts of kindness.

1. Say “bless you.”

If you’re like me, you hate sneezing in public. As far as unattractive, loud, dirty bodily releases go, saliva forcefully spurting out of your open mouth is one of them. But sometimes you just gotta do it. And when there’s a nearby stranger kind enough to say “God bless you,” after you emit such an animalistic noise, you feel your heart warm and swell inside your chest. You just want to turn around and say, “No. Bless you.”

2. Return the wallet/money that you dropped.

Before you even have time to freak out about that twenty dollar bill that fell out of your pocket — cursing yourself for being careless enough to dangle a delicious Andrew Jackson out in the open air like that — a beautiful, noble soul walking behind you scoops it up and runs to catch up with you. “Is this yours?” they ask. Oh, you perfect human, of course it’s mine. You could just kiss them. Actually, you should.

3. Smile at you.

This one always seems to come when you’re having a really bad day, doesn’t it? The universe is funny like that. Your day really sucks and you’re trudging irritably down the sidewalk on your Day of Suck thinking about how badly you’ll get scolded for being late and that you forgot to brush your teeth and oh of course you grabbed the wedgie undies today. You pass a stranger, looking up only to admire her trendy Dolce & Gabbana glasses that ugh, omg, you could never afford and — whoa, was that a smile? Yes, it was, sweet little tardy dumpling. That strange, beautiful D&G princess just chose your face to smile at. Suddenly your day is filled with hope and faith and God’s grace and while you skip to work you think to yourself, “What a wonderful woooorrrllldddd.” Thank you, kind stranger, for having teeth in your head and facial muscles in your face and a heart of gold in your chest telling you to aim your upturned lips at me.

4. Agree to go to the bathroom with you.

Okay, this one is only for drunk girls at parties, but it’s just as awesome as the rest. Just when you realize you’re going to have to break the seal (and you obviously can’t go alone), your best friend disappears. Panic ensues. Turning to the giggly stranger next to you, you bravely ask if she’ll go with you to the bathroom. She responds, “Of course, girl. Let’s go. I gotchu.” Your heart flutters as the promise of new friendship glimmers in her eyes. She has saved you.

5. Take a picture of you and your friend/significant other.

You’re vacationing, or out for an anniversary, or frolicking around town on a day when you look particularly hot, or doing something on a certain day that you want to remember for the rest of your life, but there’s no third party to document it. Snapping a selfie is out of the question, and you forgot to strap your trusty tripod to your belt loop today. A compassionate passerby agrees to snap the pic for you guys, and even though their subpar work cut your heads out of the picture, it’s the thought that counts. And what a sweet thought it was, you unknown wanderer.

6. Laugh at your jokes.

I’m talking to you, kid in my Econ 102 class. I hear you snicker to yourself when I rattle a one-liner. Thank you for appreciating me when these other fools clearly do not. I’ll be here all semester.

7. Compliment you.

Arguably the kindest of random acts, some strangers even feel compelled to boost your ego. You’re sitting on the bus or the train minding your own business when suddenly a heavenly angel’s voice descends upon you. “I love your shoes,” she says. What? ‘Lil ol’ meee? You feverishly mumble a thank you and smile to yourself for the rest of the ride. Who raised this celestial being? You’ll never know. But thank you, sweet divine creature, for making my day…and having great taste while doing so. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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