21 Underrated Things You Should Thank Your Sisters For

Having sisters means hormonally fueled fights for the bathroom, routinely tripping over shoes and hair covering everything. Yes, there were times I wished they’d be adopted or sent away to boarding school. But now I can see that, in the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. I really do appreciate the abundant flavor they’ve added (and continue to add) to my life. So thanks, sissies, for spicing up my life in more ways than I could ever list!

1. She knows exactly when you need to kick back, watch a Disney movie and shove your face with popcorn and/or ice cream.

2. She can always help you locate feminine products in times of crisis. Like that one time at Great Aunt Bettie’s 80th birthday party? Yeah. She was there for that.

3. You could (and still can!) share clothes. And if she doesn’t voluntarily return something, you know where to find it.

4. She’s always asked for advice that you could give and learn from yourself.

5. Her perfume smelled like an angel. So you used it. Daily.

6. Her mistakes helped you to avoid similar obstructions. “Mental note to self: get caught throwing a party in mom and dad’s absence… major suffering ensues.”

7. She held your hand and cried at your side as you mourned the death of a family pet.

8. There was never an occasion during which you couldn’t find a hair accessory or piece of jewelry that didn’t perfectly match your outfit.

9. You can now relate to one another’s boy stories.

10. She was always ready to help when it came time to update your profile picture.

11. She served as an excellent escape at family functions. So as soon as Aunt Mildred asked, “What’s next for you, sweetheart?” you could politely excuse yourself to vent in the corner with your trusty old sis.

12. Over-protective sibling hogwash was kept to a minimum.

13. But the drama wasn’t. (And she was therefore the learning curve you needed for high school and the real world.)

14. She never had the toilet seat up.

15. Whatever you forgot to pack for a family vacation (bathing suit, blow-dryer, etc) was sure to show up in her suitcase.

16. Your bathroom always smelled like Herbal Essences or Victoria’s Secret products.

17. She brought you water and breakfast in bed when she discovered you horribly hungover on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings. And once she started getting hangovers, you did the same for her.

18. You speak and text in your own language.

19. She understands your family’s dynamic, making literally everything conversationally in-bounds.

20. She’s consistently honest. Sometimes brutally. She’ll tell you that your haircut makes you look like a circus clown or that you’re being a total nutcase. And you know what? You still love her afterward.

21. No matter what happens, she’ll be there for you forever. Even if only to tell you that you look like a circus clown. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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