5 Reasons You Should Never Settle

amy halverson / flickr.com
amy halverson / flickr.com
It is important in all aspects of our lives that we do not settle. Whether it’s our personal or professional lives, sometimes we have to say “no” or merely walk away from people and situations that don’t remain in sync with our happiness, aspirations and goals.
You can constantly think of what could have been or what should have been — this is a mere waste of time. Sadly, a lot of us settle and settle for way less than we deserve.
So how do we do this?
It comes with having respect and knowing yourself, setting up boundaries and, lastly, listening to your inner voice — your intuition — and if something doesn’t feel right to you, then it’s usually not. And when it’s not, it’s up to you to take action or to just settle.

1. You are talented.

You have something to offer. Whatever your skill set is, if someone wants to work with you or requests for you to be part of something, it’s because they obviously saw something in you. That something is called “potential”; something you have that maybe they don’t.

2. Time is precious.

We only have 24 hours in a day and while it may see like a long time — it’s not. We often hear the phrases “time is money” or “time is precious” and it is! Protect your time, because there are many people who will be happy to waste their own time — and yours too.

3. The opportunity or task is not relevant to your values, goals or mission in life.

We often do projects, work and are put into situations that are mindless, uninspiring and just for monetary gain. However, rarely do we really put thought into whether or not this will get us to our next goal. Always do a mental checklist and always have a game plan. Is this really helping you get to your next step?

4. Your personal boundaries are precious.

Are you the type of person that’s so concerned with other people’s feelings or what others think about you that you sometimes end up neglecting your own feelings? If this sounds like you: stop. I mean stop it right now. No one likes a yes-man (or woman) and if you are, then you’re perceived in one of two ways: (1) As someone who is hardworking or (2) A “pile-on,” or someone who is guaranteed to accept anything, at any notice, at anytime. People value others with boundaries and expectations.

5. Everything happens for a reason.

Opportunities, for instance; we miss them, ruin them, gain them and so on. However, every person and situation that we encounter in life is more or less an opportunity to learn a lesson. It’s up to us to deduce and comprehend the lesson that is being taught. Because they’re usually relevant to something we must change in our lives and, until we learn them, they merely repeat themselves until the lesson is truly learned. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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