I Won’t Say ‘I Love You’ Just Yet, But I Will Show You I Do


I won’t say I have feelings for you. I won’t say I am falling for you. And I won’t say that I might already love you a bit too much. No, I won’t say these just yet.

I won’t say anything. Because actions speak louder than words.

If there’s one, sole thing I’ll remember from my journalism classes, it is this phrase – “Show. Don’t tell.” Not only do I believe it is the best piece of advice for any writing endeavors, but also an excellent one for love.

Don’t rush it; hearts are to be handled with care.

No, I won’t say anything. I won’t say anything just yet. Because I don’t want you to hear the words, I want you to see them – I want you to feel them. I want every bone of your body to crack to the sound of them, every beat of your heart to ache beautifully and delightfully in your chest.

Remember yesterday? We were strangers. And today… well today, we are best friends, partners in crime, and equals. And I can’t say anything. Not now. Not yet.

So I won’t. But I will show you.

I won’t say ‘I love you’ just yet, but I will show you I do.

I will call you sweet names that are exclusively yours to hear. I will take you on adventures and keep on being your go-to person whenever something or nothing happens.

I will pull you in and I will hug you tight until your heart feels it, until you can no longer breathe.

I will delicately rest my head on your shoulder, and kiss you on your right cheek when you don’t expect it. I will breathe in your cologne and the scent of your skin, and come brush my cheek against yours as we say goodbye under the porch of my apartment block.

I will feel my heart skip a beat or two. And I will feel yours do the same too.

I will do it all. And I will be it all. And more. And when you’re away, you’ll find yourself missing me. You’ll wish for me to be with you, because we’re always sharing everything – so why aren’t we sharing this moment? Or that one? Oh, you won’t admit it first, but the same way Alice fell down the rabbit hole, you’ll be realizing, you’ll start understanding, slowly yet all at once, what this whole thing is, what this is all about.

I will show you. And then, only when I’m ready, when the words are loaded and meaningful enough to be spoken, then I will tell you.

I will tell you how I feel. I will tell you how I fell. I will tell you all you want to know. All you need to know.

I will tell you. And I will show you again, and again and again, and as much as is necessary for you to believe me, for you to hear me, to see me, to feel me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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