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This One Photograph Can Save Me From My Anxiety

I like this photograph because of the way it makes me feel. Like it’s heaven on earth. I like that it’s surreal and comforting at the same time. I like that it’s permanent and immutable. I like that such a pretty thing can never go away or disappear.

There’s Something About You

There’s something in you that moves me. There’s something in you that makes me fall deeply, foolishly and completely. There’s something good, big, scary, and yet beautiful.

This Is What I See In You

What I see in you is poetry. I see a perfectly imperfect and beautifully flawed human being – a speck of dust in the universe, made of some of the same atoms and molecules as the stars.

It Was His Love That Saved Me

So I woke up that morning. I was breathing. I was alive. And I was proved that holding on one day more could just bring me the one thing that’d eventually make it all okay, the one person of all the six billion people in the world who would bring the light back into my life.