10 Things You Really Owe It To Yourself To Stop Give A F*ck About

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

You only have so many fucks to give. I’ve learned that life is so much easier when you refrain from giving your fucks away to petty things. Understand and know this: the fucks you have inside of you to give are valuable and important and should only be given to things that matter and are meaningful like your momma, your money, and your moves.

1. Stop giving fucks to non-existent messages from men/women who clearly aren’t interested.

My ninja, your fucks are sexy. Don’t waste those valuable fucks on checking your phone for calls or messages from someone who doesn’t call or message. Give those fucks to someone who really gives a fuck about you.

2. Sorry, we are no longer serving fucks to caring about what people think about us or say about us behind our backs.

It’s none of our business.

3. Don’t waste your fucks giving a fuck about what other people are doing with their life.

Their success does not mean there is less success for you. Comparison will rob you of the fucks you need to give to YOUR grind. Focus. On. You.

4. Traffic.

Because you seething in your car about how packed the highway is or the never-ending construction will really help. This is truly a huge waste of fucks so throw on a podcast or put on some old school R&B and chill.

5. “Bad looks” or “up and down staring” from other people.

Like giving a fuck about traffic, total waste of your fucks!

6. Hips that are too big.

Pecs that are too flat. Thighs so thick they chafe. Too tall. Too short. Long nose. Flat nose. All the fucks you waste on criticizing yourself are fucks that should be given to loving your damn self.

7. Your mean boss. Your cheating boyfriend. Your meh girlfriend.

Know what the really great thing about these relationships is? We can choose something different. So focus your fucks on making the necessary changes for the better.

8. The weather.

Get over it. Buy an umbrella. Get some winter boots. Wear sunscreen.

9. What Kim Kardashian is wearing, eating, not eating, not wearing.

Let the girl do her thing, and give more fucks to what you’re eating and so forth.

10. Anything that does not serve you, grow you, or make you better and happy.

Stop giving fucks to things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things because what you pay attention to GROWS. Pay your fucks towards the things you want to build—can’t build anything looking down, back, or at someone else’s job site. TC mark

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