26 Little Reminders You Need To Remember Right Now

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1. Do what is hard now and you’ll live easy later.

2. Love yourself like there’s nobody out there like you.

3. Be IMPECCABLE with your words. There are two things I know for sure that you cannot take back once they’ve been shot — a bullet from a gun, words from your mouth. Watch what you shoot.

4. Pay yourself FIRST and save at least 10 percent of EVERYTHING you earn as soon as you start earning.

5. Love yourself like your life depends on it.

6. You are what you eat, what you read, and what you listen to. So, fuel your body with good food, read content that will make you wise, and listen to music that makes you happy.

7. Speak highly of yourself to yourself.

8. What other people think of you or say about you behind your back is none of your business.

9. Travel. Travel. Travel.

10. Don’t smoke.

11. Be very mindful of who you surround yourself with — you will take on the habits and beliefs of the people you spend the most time with.

12. Always dress yourself in a way that makes you feel great in your own skin.

13. Love yourself.

14. Learn to be happy and content with yourself — there is a difference between loneliness and sweet solitude.

15. Move your body daily — it was made for movement.

16. Meditate every day.

17. Be on time. By the way, that means being early because on time is late.

18. Call your parents. Call your friends. Check-in with people you love.

19. Love yourself.

20. Learn to be grateful every moment of your life for everything…every failure, every heartbreak, every victory, every cut, every good hair day … EVERYTHING.

21. Have mentors to guide you and show you the paths to follow to success.

22. Kindness is truly a virtue; be kind always. Always choose kindness,

23. Thoughts are powerful so, have powerfully positive thoughts

24. Dream big. Start small, but always dream big.

25. Scared? Do it anyway. Scared as you’re starting out? Keep at it. Never let fear rob you of the opportunity to build your dream, fall in love, or explore.

26. Above all, love yourself. Because if you fail at that everything else on this list can feel nearly impossible to achieve. TC mark

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