20 Little Things You Deserve To Do This Summer

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Exposing your skin to the sun for a while can help Vitamin D production, which can lead to a happier you. That is one of the many reasons why summer should be acknowledged as the best season, EVER –since sun and summer are best buddies. BUT, what happens when you have your very own personal reasons to listen to “Summertime Sadness” or “Cruel Summer” nonstop? How can you help yourself enjoy the sunny days -in the city or not?

The answer is that you have to gain a number of positive impact daily habits. And who knows? Maybe they will actually stick throughout the year:

1. Meditate for at least 10 minutes. Every day, try to clear out your head just for a little while. Let this time be your opportunity to live in a place where there are no problems, and negative thoughts do not exist. Put on some relaxing music, position yourself comfortably and close the doors of your mind.

2. Read. Just a little bit. Go to a bookstore, and buy a random beach read you find interesting (It has to be an easy read!). Your goal should be to read at least one page every day, just before you go to bed. You will be amazed at how quickly you might get attached to the book and look forward to its ending.

3. Be grateful for the little things. In the summertime, you may find that the things that can cheer you up, multiply. I am not going to ask you to make a list of the things you should be grateful, but just to start noticing the daily silver linings. A mother with her baby, a good cup of coffee, a beautiful building, boys in chinos, panama hats… Soon you will start noticing your perception of the world changing. If you think that this is not challenging enough, try expressing that gratitude. Pay compliments, smile, and take pictures. Beauty is all around us, and sometimes we lift by raising others.

4. Wear something bright or summery! Even if bright colored clothes is not your thing –I was not actually suggesting walking around like a neon sign- you can add that certain cheerful something to your style. This could also be a bracelet, or a scarf. Go for color!

5. Replace negative thoughts with positive. BE HAPPY! Decide for yourself how you want to feel. Whenever negative thinking takes place, change your mind’s subject immediately. Happiness is only one decision away. Chose happiness! Always.

6. Smell a flower. Does this sound lame? Still, scientists claim that scents act like a drug in our brain. Rejuvenate your aura by smelling a flower. Or by enjoying nature. Good vibes…

7. Smell like summer. Now, imagine yourself on vacation. How do you imagine your aroma? I urge you to go to a store and try every summer perfume. Chose the perfume that will most likely bring summer to you. Spray yourself every day, and watch magic happen!

8. Have a different mantra every day. “Today I chose to be me. Today I chose to be happy. I feel safe and blessed. I deserve the best burrito in town.” Yes, keep saying that yourself, all day long. It works!

9. Pamper yourself. A day in the spa, or having a mani –pedi, are very good ways to spoil yourself. Will you want to make a habit out of it? Most likely. Can you afford it? Hmm… Still, once in a while you may allow yourself to be pampered by you.

10. Forgive. What is done is done. When I first tried this on my own, I had trouble even forgiving random people for stupid things, e.g. that rude man in the subway, that teen that stepped on my foot. Sooner or later you will be able to expand this philosophy in other aspects of your life too.

11. Remember the ones you love. When you think of that someone, your face glows, your mind feels at ease, a mild smile appears on your face. Do yourself a favor and bring your loved ones closer, mentally!

12. Wear sunscreen. Vitamin D is important, but nobody wants to get sunburnt. Treat your body with respect.

13. Drink a lot of water and eat like you adore you. While taking care of yourself should be an all-year-round thing, summer is a good time to pick up some good habits. Put that sunshine energy in good use!

14. Keep a journal. Every day you grow, and summer is always a good time to collect memories and inspiration. Keep that experience somewhere. It will come in very handy for the winter to come.

15. Have a song for every day. If life is a video clip, which song is in the background of yours? Chose something upbeat, please. You may try summer themed movies… their soundtrack is most of the time a good summer listen.

16. Fall in love. If it can’t be person, it can be a shade of pink, the sky, a park, a pair of shoes, an idea. Fall in love with as many things as possible, and be passionate about them! Learn to desire strongly the things that you want in your life.

17. Embrace your inner child. What do kids do in the summertime? Do they throw each other water bombs? Eat ice-cream? Run with their bikes in the park? Try new flavors of popsicles? Chose something and do it, with or without friends. Try a bucket list for kids! Mums around the web have the most amazing ideas. How about visiting the zoo?

18. Run to the beach. Or, if not possible, run to the local pool. One does not simply hate water. Grab a bikini and run! However, if getting wet is out of the question, just aim in chasing the light. So, think big, and the sun will find you…

19. Stargaze. The clear summer sky is always the epitome of mystery –at least to amateurs like myself. Even if you believe that there is nothing special on the other side, do not refrain from hanging out with friends on rooftops, watching the city lights, or having a nice quiet alone time in the darkness that photo-pollution has to offer. Yay!

20. Aim in visiting a place you have never been before. This might be your dream trip to Italy, or that new Italian bistro that is around the corner. The best things happen unexpectedly, so do the unexpected and push your luck. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be one step ahead! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Born in the winter, yet live for the summer, the sunshine, the glitter.

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