8 Perfect Reasons Girls Love Wine Or Should At Least Pretend To

1. It makes you giddy & giggly.

This happens to make you a cute drunk. Which is pretty hard to do for most of us. For some reason men just love a girl with a little giddiness to her, just the right amount of drunk to touch and caress inappropriately, without it actually seeming like a premature lap dance.

2. You look classy.

Whether you are in your Pj’s on the couch or out on the town in a sexy LBD, you look and feel pretty damn classy. Oh and a tip. If you put it in the right glass, you actually feel a tad more like a rich bitch. (even if its Franzia from the box)

3. It tastes like juice with an added buzz.

And not that juicing kale, carrot detox bullshit.

4. Diet friendly.

It’s a pretty low cal drink, with probably less sugar than most Martini’s. I mean unless you are having a bottle a night…but in that case you should probably be reading another article

5. There’s a flavor for every taste bud.

Got a sweet tooth? Go for a Moscato or zinfandel. Got a thing for the oaky wilderness thing? Go for a Chardonnay. Want to feel like you are sipping grape juice on a vineyard in Italy? Go for a Merlot.You get the gist

6. Rosey cheeks aka permanent blush.

Who loves the fact that we don’t have to reapply? I do!


It makes you bust a move & not care whose watching. Ok maybe all alcohol does this..but the wine dance is different.. it’s sacred between the girls. You know what I mean..Vodka makes you grind again weird strange men. Wine would never do that to you. It’s got your back, the ultimate girls girl.

8. It’s a great gift and party favor.

It’s never goes out of style. You can even get them monogrammed now a days. I know I know, just another thing monogrammed to match your damn tervis tumbler and his and hers towels. But seriously everyone has something monogrammed. Try to hate it I dare you..

So there you have it. 8 Fabulous and pretty freaking accurate reasons Girls just love wine or should pretend to. Keep it Classy Ladies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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