Everything Love Is, And Isn’t

Larm Rmah
Larm Rmah

It’s not constant happiness, everybody knows that… but only a few understand.
It’s not constant happiness but its never pain.
Its never  confusion. Never a feeling of being lost.
Love is home.
And home is always warm.
Love is that warm hug. Protection.

Love is never the knife in your back that keeps twisting itself.
Love doesn’t watch you suffer and not move its wings to shelter you from the pain.
Love helps with the pain, it doesn’t cause it.
It’s not constant happiness, but hell, its not tears running down your cheeks at 4 am because pieces of your heart are being shattered for the millionth time. That’s not love.
Love is not just a birthday present with a big golden bow. It’s not just champagne. It’s not just that lovely trip to Vermont.
it’s not just that. And please don’t ever confuse a tongue down your throat for love.

Love is hard work, but its never a struggle.
Its doesn’t shackle you every time you try to walk.
It’s hard work that you want to do. Cause you know at the end of that tunnel comes a light and you want to see that light.

Love is not shattered vases. It’s not words disguised as daggers. It’s not pain.
Love is not hate.
Not hating yourself or your situation.

Love is not easy and its often misunderstood because fragments of it comes in gestures that may prove love. But that’s not love. Love is whole, it doesn’t come in bits and pieces.

Love won’t save you, but it will try to help.
Love will try.
Love is the motivation you need to get yourself up on your feet.
It won’t pull you up but it will help you walk cause you can lean on it.
Its solid, strong.

It doesn’t leave when it’s inconvenient.
And love doesn’t make it inconvenient.
Love is contemptment.
It’s not constant happiness but its not sadness.

Love is that breath you take after you’ve been drowning.
After your lungs have been filled with water.
Love is fresh air.
Love won’t pull you out of the water, but you’ll pull yourself out because of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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