Don’t Settle For A Generic Life

Timothy Dykes / Unsplash

You’re not happy and you know it. You know it and you know why.

You know because when you wake up in the morning and stand in front of your coffee brewer, there is something missing. You know because when you put on your shoes to leave your flat, every morning, to go to the same place, something doesn’t feel right; like you’ve outgrown those shoes. You know because when you snap out of your daydream to find yourself where you really are, you feel cheated, you feel stuck and you feel like you’re not getting enough air and it’s hard to breathe.

Your productivity is dropping but you could have sworn that this was something you were good at, this was something you loved. Now you can’t stand it, not because you can’t do it anymore but because you don’t want to, because then what? It’s pointless. This whole stereotype is pointless.

This is your society though; this is where you are and how you should be. Get a high paying job, save your pennies and secure your future. This is happiness.

This is the lie you keep forcing down your throat but can’t swallow, because you see it for what it really is; a false promise.

This was never your designated path and you’ve felt that for a while but you keep ignoring it. You keep ignoring the loud thuds inside of you, trying to break your heart open to this world. Listen to it.

You were not made for this generic life.

You know it within your bones, so acknowledge it, let yourself be led by your heart this time because they have done the work to make sure your mind isn’t that different from theirs. But you know that there is still some of your truth in there, so let your heart lead you, for now, it knows you.

Don’t take the path people ordinarily take although it’s safe and paved but instead, walk down a path that you pave yourself. One size never fits all and just because something is right doesn’t mean that anything else is wrong; there can be more than one right way. And your way doesn’t have to be right for everyone, just for you is enough.

You were not made for a conventional life; you were made for everything beyond that. Don’t let yourself end up somewhere having to accept a life you didn’t consciously pursue with a burning desire. Don’t swallow your words and feeling for the sake of the safety net everyone falls back into.

Don’t let yourself live half a life with missing fragments of a soul.

Don’t curb your curiosity in fears of one day, standing in front of a monstrosity of failures.

Take chances and stumble upon failures and love the monsters you meet because they are every bit of you as you are of them.

Put it all out on the line, just in case you were right all along, just in case your failures hold you more kindly than any success ever did. Just in case you don’t even fail at all.

Collect scars and collect fuck ups because every time you look at yourself, you’ll feel the passions of life get drawn onto your skin and you’ll know that the beauty of this life over-lasts any of its pains.

Don’t settle for a generic life because one day, you’ll want to look back and feel satisfied.

You’ll want to know for certain that you have breathed in all of your breaths as deep as you possibly could because that, without a doubt, is the best feeling in the world. TC mark


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