Date A Guy That Doesn’t Make You Feel Helpless

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Date a man that sees the sense behind your desire for independency; a man that understands that he doesn’t need to “handle” women because you are not something to be handled, you are his equal and that’s how he sees you. Date a man that doesn’t treat you like a dependent baby but instead treats you like the ferocious beast of a woman you are.

Date a man that doesn’t confuse you needing him with you wanting him. Date a man that can be present as the person they aspire to be without trying to define the person you aspire to be for you. Date that man that understands that you are two separately capable human beings and pushes you forward instead of trying and stifle you just so that he has something he could help with.

Date a man that doesn’t need to step all over your independency to assert his sense of manhood.

Date a man that doesn’t belittle or strip away from your character just so that he could forge a space for himself to be a momentary heroine.

Date a man that knows he’s not above you for opening the door or for pulling your chair out for you. He does these things out of being nice not as a sneaky way to declare dominance.

Date a man that doesn’t base his significance on what you lack.

Date a guy that doesn’t say or do things to make you feel weak just so that he can make himself feel strong in relativity. A man that never tells you that you need him because he knows damn well that you don’t. Date a man that doesn’t need you to need him. A man that doesn’t put you down to give himself a sense of superiority- a man that doesn’t even need to feel superior-.

Date a man that isn’t threatened by your growth and gives you full credit for it; a man that doesn’t manipulate you into thinking that without him, you’re incomplete.

Date a man that respects the space you occupy and doesn’t try to step all over it.

Date a man that lets you speak without feeling the need to snag the mic from under your breath because he knows that what you have to say is as important as what he has to say. He doesn’t feel inferior when you take the stage.

Date a man that genuinely understands that when you say you got this, you mean it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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