Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail Again Just Like It Failed Last Year

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Carlos Domínguez

New Year’s Eve is really one of the most overrated nights of the year. Not because of the festivities (I LOVE the festivities btw), but because of this conception that “tomorrow, my life takes a turn for the better” and because this fictitious feeling of getting to turn the page and start over right on the first day of the year gets to us and somehow makes us feel put together.

And also, because New Year’s resolutions are bullshit.

I’m sorry, but all we’re doing with all these life altering resolutions is lying to ourselves. I’m not saying you should not set a goal and chase after it ,I’m just saying that setting that goal as a New Year’s resolution will set you up for failure.

The reason so many of us fail to preserve these resolutions is because of the mindset we have. I’m talking about that mindset that peaks in inspiration and motivation at the end of each December and fades away sometime around the next February. It’s also the same mindset that fails to show up anytime other than at the end of each year.

The reason we keep failing is because we don’t see that change doesn’t have to happen the next month or the next morning. Right now is the best chance to reign supreme over our own lives if we choose to look at it that way.

The notion of a new page is just hoopla.

The reason our resolutions fail is not because they’re “resolutions” or because we set them for the next year, it’s because we only see one window of opportunity when the concept of a window is rendered pointless. We are standing in an infinite field but our vision is fixated on one lonely wall in the vast open. That wall stands alone and stands for nothing, but it has a window. And we keep waiting so patiently every year for that window to open that we forget that it’s just a window; it leads to nowhere other than the rest of the field that we’ve been standing in all along. And that field is a fucking landmine of opportunities.

The reason we fail is not because we perceive New Year’s Eve as a deific night, it’s because it’s the only night we perceive so; it’s because we don’t see the rest of our days the same way.

In our head, another day is just another day, but New Year’s Eve is -in neon lights- “A CHANCE”, a clean slate. That’s why we fail and that’s why New Year’s Eve is overrated, because every other night is underrated that’s all.

We don’t realize that in 365 days we have more than that one fenced shot. We need to stop holding out for a day when we collectively feel driven enough to take the leap and change something. That euphoric feeling should not come and end like it does, it should be how we live, how we approach every day, every person and every thing. That passion that lights your heart up on fire on that one night should stay present for the rest of your nights because you need to understand that the 31st offers just enough fuel as the 12th or the 26th or the 2nd of any other month.

Time is just a concept as far as I’m concerned and in that sense, the time frame of a year does not exist and a new year’s eve does not exist either, but all the chances still do. And if you cancel out your conception of time and approach the rest of your life with the same outlook you have on New Year’s Eve, you might just be able to relive the ball drop every day for the rest of your days.

And that is how you change your life into one that supersedes your resolutions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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