Here’s What You Need To Remember When Life Feels Disappointing

ere's What You Need To Remember When Life Feels Disappointing
Alessio Lin

When life disappoints you, which it surely will, more than once and more than twice, you should not get mad at it, you should actively reflect on yourself.

When life disappoints, know that it knows better. Understand that life wasn’t designed to hinder you and anyway you buckle is actually you being redirected towards a better path.

Yes, life is not easy. It’s not fair. And a lot of times you may think it also doesn’t make sense. But know this, life is not random. Everything that happens, happens for a purpose and it’s your duty to find that purpose, understand it and work with it. It’s your duty to listen intently to life’s inaudible dialogue and make of it something that will help you. And if you don’t listen to the insights dispersed in between the breaths you take, you will end up frustrated because you will not understand why things are not going the way you want them to. Life actually always makes sense and anytime you think it doesn’t, you’re wrong; you’re not listening.

Seek to understand so you don’t end up confused and disappointed.

Life will not treat you well and sometimes it will hurt you and you will hate it, but life doesn’t function like we humans do and we humans can’t understand how life functions; it’s beyond us. We don’t understand that this is how life converses with us. We speak different languages but we want the same thing.

When life seems to be blocking your path, understand it’s because you aren’t yet ready to walk that path. You need to walk around some more, learn some more, listen more and see more; you need to find the reason you can’t seem to get past that stagnant point in your life, find what you’re missing. Life is helping you get to where you want carefully; in the most constructive way, accept that.

And sometimes when life deters you, it’s because the path you’re taking isn’t the path you’re meant to thrive in. Maybe it’s making it hard for you so that you could redirect yourself to your true purpose, the purpose that isn’t in your hindsight right now. Life is trying to show you.

When you fall, remember to look. Make a habit of it to always look around for lessons wherever you go and whatever you do because lessons happen to us all the time, we just fail to grasp them before they leave.

Life will disappoint you but for a purpose. You weren’t put into this world to keep failing but you will keep failing until you find the path you were meant to take and walk it the way you were meant to walk it grasping everything it has to offer. And until you do, life will keep disappointing you.

Face your disappointments and move, stop dwelling at how life sets you up to fail and move. When you fall into a victim mentality, you become your only hurdle and suddenly your perception of anything and everything turns black and you find no silver lining. All because you subconsciously don’t want to find a silver lining, because deep down you know that it’s always easier to be a victim than to keep fighting for something you aren’t certain even exists.

It’s easier to project blame that to put in the work.

But really, if life disappoints you, you’re the only one to blame. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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